Vancouver Pee Wee Football Team Is Headed To The Super Bowl

Posted by Jim Ferretti on November 23, 2015

Vancouver, WA — The East Vancouver Venom is a Pop Warner football team made up of 19 boys and 1 girl and the range in ages from 10 to 13.  Many of the players have been together for several years now and consider themselves a football family.

They started this season in August with practice 5 days per week, then down …

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Vancouver Police Enforce New Camping Ordinance

Posted by Pat Boyle on November 2, 2015
vancouver homeless moving out

Vancouver, Wa. – Vancouver Police this morning began enforcing a new camping ordinance approved by city council in September. It allows overnight camping on sidewalks, but campers must clear out at 6:30 a.m. and not return until 9:30 p.m.

Police showed up this morning to West 13th Street near Lincoln where about 150 people slept in tents. One woman we talked …

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Vancouver Police Find Missing 12 Year Old Runaway

Posted by Pat Boyle on October 21, 2015
Justin Chan

Vancouver, Wash. – Police in Vancouver  says a  12 year old boy who was last seen Tuesday morning has been found safe. Justin Chan attends middle school in Vancouver and lives near NE Fourth Plan and NE 57th.

The police department issued an update just before 10:30 p.m. last night. It only said he had been found safe and did not …

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Vancouver Amends Ordinance Allowing Overnight Camping

Posted by Steve Herman on September 22, 2015

VANCOUVER, Wa.- The Vancouver City Council unanimously voted to amend a decades old ordinance that made overnight camping on public property illegal.

“We’re in a difficult position here,” Mayor Tim Leavitt said to the rest of the council. “The point was brought up earlier of what happens if a police officer issues a citation for camping?” Leavitt said. “Nothing, that’s right.”

The …

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Vancouver Leaders Want To Ban Personal Fireworks

Posted by Jim Ferretti on August 18, 2015

Vancouver, Wash. — A ban on all personal fireworks in the city limits of Vancouver could happen if Mayor Tim Leavitt and City Council votes to change the city ordnance.  The mayor telling KXL Tuesday, “It’s a passionate issue but I think like many other communities, Vancouver is really getting to a point where it’s just simply too dangerous and …

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