Vancouver Amends Ordinance Allowing Overnight Camping

Posted by Steve Herman on September 22, 2015

VANCOUVER, Wa.- The Vancouver City Council unanimously voted to amend a decades old ordinance that made overnight camping on public property illegal.

“We’re in a difficult position here,” Mayor Tim Leavitt said to the rest of the council. “The point was brought up earlier of what happens if a police officer issues a citation for camping?” Leavitt said. “Nothing, that’s right.”

The …

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Vancouver Leaders Want To Ban Personal Fireworks

Posted by Jim Ferretti on August 18, 2015

Vancouver, Wash. — A ban on all personal fireworks in the city limits of Vancouver could happen if Mayor Tim Leavitt and City Council votes to change the city ordnance.  The mayor telling KXL Tuesday, “It’s a passionate issue but I think like many other communities, Vancouver is really getting to a point where it’s just simply too dangerous and …

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Convicted Rapist Allowed Out On Bail?

Posted by Jim Ferretti on August 12, 2015

Photo Courtesy: Associated Press

Vancouver, WA – Could the man convicted of raping his 13 year old step daughter really be allowed to post bail and be free while lawyers appeal his conviction?  Yes according to Washington State law.

Shannon Robb contacted KXL after learning the man she had been married to for several years, was sentenced last week to 90 months …

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Knife Assault In Vancouver

Posted by Pat Boyle on June 22, 2015
vancouver police

VANCOUVER, Wash. — A man is in custody for stabbing an acquaintance early Sunday.  It happened outside a home on Winchell Avenue.

Police say Robert Graves took off on a bicycle, but was caught a short distance away.

The victim’s injuries are not life threatening.  It’s not clear what prompted the knife attack.

Planned Teacher Walkout Day in Evergreen School District

Posted by Brett Reckamp on May 4, 2015
evergreen high school

VANCOUVER, Wash. — The Evergreen School District will not have classes on Wednesday, May 13th because they won’t have enough teachers.  The local teacher’s union has decided to take that day to head to Olympia to protest with the state.

The day will have to be made up and will be tacked on to the last day of the year.

We received …

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