Holiday Appetizers-Cold Smoked Cheese

Posted by Alpha Broadcasting on November 30, 2013

COLD SMOKED CHEESE—So easy to do, so tasty to enjoy!

Listener Jon Gosch—contacted me the other day, asking about cold smoking cheese. Could it be done? What should the smoke temperature be? How long do you smoke it? Here’s how to do it!

Deep Frying A Turkey? Read This First!

Posted by Alpha Broadcasting on November 16, 2013

Every Thanksgiving, you see the same UL Labs video about the horrific result of improperly deep frying a turkey. It is hot and dangerous work, no doubt about it. I found this very well written article, that contains some great tips for people who are planning on deep frying a turkey this year. Please read it before you pull out …

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Essential Turkey Cooking Tools/Items

Posted by Alpha Broadcasting on November 11, 2013

This year, get ahead of the curve, by making sure you’re stocked and prepared for all the cooking on Thanksgiving Day. Here’s a list of the items you’ll most likely need to help you cook up the best turkey ever:

Turkey Brining Basics:

Posted by Alpha Broadcasting on November 3, 2013

I used to think that brining a turkey was a worthless excercise of time and money.  That is until three years ago, when Sandi and I made up an Apple/Bourbon brine and soaked our 17# turkey for 24 hours in the mixture. The result was jawdropping! Here’s what you need to know to successfully brine your turkey. (Try it on …

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