The Rains are Coming, and Landslides Could Soon Follow

Posted by Brett Reckamp on February 4, 2015

A flood watch has been called for Thursday evening through Saturday afternoon for parts of southwest Oregon.  And, that means we could have ripe conditions for landslides.

Bill Burns, an engineering geologist for the state says landslides and debris flows are possible in a number of areas, not including other regions of the state like the Gorge.  He says they only …

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Oregon Lawmaker Wants to Charge Studded Tire Users $70 Fee

Posted by Brett Reckamp on February 3, 2015
studded tires

Would you be willing to pony up $70 for the right to use studded tires?  Representative Mitch Greenlick, a Democrat from Portland is introducing a bill that would create a new fee.

Greenlick tried to get a similar bill passed two years ago, but decided to wait until a new ODOT report on studded tire damage was published.  That report is …

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Mayor Set To Grab Wheel?

Posted by Steve Leader on January 23, 2015

PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland Mayor Charlie Hales has done it before and may be poised to again temporarily take control of all city bureaus.

Under Portland’s commission form of government, oversight of various bureaus is shared and shifted among the five city commissioners, including the mayor.

Mayor Hales chief of communications, Dana Haynes, says the mayor may take control of the bureaus …

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Mayor of Milwaukie Jeremy Ferguson Resigns

Posted by Brett Reckamp on January 22, 2015
milwaukie city hall

The City of Milwaukie is accepting petitions for the position of mayor for the May 19, 2015 Special Election.

Mayor Jerremy Ferguson emailed his intention of resigning last week, it became official as of Tuesday, January 20th.

Milwaukie City Spokesman Grady Wheeler says with the exception of a small stipend for expenses, the position is strictly volunteer.  The four remaining City Council …

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Washington State AG Wants to Raise Smoking Age to 21

Posted by Brett Reckamp on January 21, 2015

Bob Ferguson wants his state to be the first in the country to raise the minimum age for smoking from 18 to 21.  He introduced a bill into the state house that would amend the constitution.

Nearly 50 American cities, most of them on the east coast have already raised the minimum smoking age.  Several other states are working on similar …

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