Man Sentenced In Portland Fry Pan Assault

Posted by Steve Leader on April 22, 2014
Michael Parker

It’s hard to fight back when you’re six-years old, asleep in your bed, and a stranger enters your room.  He assaults you with a frying pan, cracks your skull.  It happened to a little girl in Portland almost three-years ago.

The attacker, Michael Parker, 29, also assaulted the child’s father during a fight. A judge Monday sentenced Parker to at least …

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Portland Biotech Startup May Help Wipe Out Malaria

Posted by Steve Leader on April 15, 2014
mosquito (1)(malaria)

Mosquitoes like this one spread malaria

Malaria was once under control.  But was before the malaria parasite became resistant, in many parts of the world, to the drug that had long been used to treat it, chloroquine.

The National Institutes of Health has awarded a grant of nearly $3 Million to a Portland biotech startup, DesignMedix, Inc. President  Sandra Shotwell, Ph.D, says …

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PSU Faculty Authorize Strike

Posted by Cort Johnson on March 13, 2014

Faculty members rally at Portland State University – February 27, 2014

Portland, Or – Faculty members of the American Association of University Professionals at Portland State University have voted in favor of a strike, if union leaders are unable to reach a contract deal with school officials.

Voting began Tuesday morning and closed Wednesday evening, with 94% of those voting being in …

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Oregon Man Recalls Russian Kidnapping

Posted by Cort Johnson on March 11, 2014

Ransom photo of Andrew Probst and Travis Tuttle – March 1998

Not many people can say they’ve been kidnapped and held hostage in Russia.  But that’s the case for Andrew Probst, who grew up Lebanon, Oregon.

In March 1998, Probst was a Mormon missionary working in Saratov, Russia.  He, along with his companion Travis Tuttle, were kidnapped and held for ransom.

Probst says …

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Rising Water in Westport

Posted by Cort Johnson on March 10, 2014

(Photo courtesy of

Firefighters and land owners are working around the clock near the town of Westport in Clatsop County, as rising water from rain fall and mountain runoff threatens power to 42 homes.

Rich Guest and Chris Martin own property near McLean Hill Road.  They say a culvert is either faulty or clogged, and water is backing up into the …

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