Car Prowls Up 17% In Portland

Posted by Pat Boyle on August 20, 2014

Portland, Oregon – Latest crime stats for Portland show car prowls up 17%.  The spike has prompted police to remind you there are things you can do to keep your car from looking attractive to a car prowler.

Sgt. Pete Simpson says don’t leave any valuables, like a lap top, in your car. Lock them up in your trunk instead. He …

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Soapbox Derby Drivers Take On Mt. Tabor

Posted by Jim Ferretti on August 14, 2014

While many of us may think it’s “kids play”, those taking part in this weekends race say that’s not the case.  The 18th annual PDX Adult Soap Box Derby will take over Mt. Tabor Saturday.

Starting at 10 AM, organizers say drivers will speed down the hill at speeds of 45 MPH.  Handling sections of the track know as “Blood Alley” …

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Providence Says First Oregonian to Receive an S-ICD Doing Great

Posted by Brett Reckamp on August 8, 2014

27-year-old Nathan Strutt is doing fine after receiving a subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibrillator or S-ICD.  He is the first person ever in Oregon to get one.  Since then more than 20 patients have received theirs.

The S-ICD is a less intrusive, and upgraded defibrillator that is a much better alternative to a regular defibrillator for some people.  The FDA gave it’s approval to …

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Cops And Cameras Bust Gas Theft Suspect

Posted by Steve Leader on August 8, 2014
Gas theft suspect truck

Portland police believe the truck (pictured above) is the one Christopher Beard drove while stealing gasoline.  The tank, in the back, is where Beard, 39,  allegedly stored 300 gallons of fuel he bought with a stolen credit card.

Detectives believe Beard pulled at least 12 such thefts in the Portland area.  And that the value of the stolen gasoline is $25,000.

Police …

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Portland’s Job Growth Ties Sunbelt Cities

Posted by Steve Leader on August 5, 2014

Photo courtesy: Associated Press

You might not think Las Vegas and Houston have something in common with Portland.  But they do.

According to Oregon Live. Com,  employment growth in the Portland metro (June 2013-June 2014) was eighth fastest in the country. (3.1%)   That’s a tie with both Houston and Las Vegas.

A workforce analyst says the Portland-area construction industry is adding jobs almost …

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