Federal Grant Saves Portland Fire & Rescue Jobs

Posted by Brett Reckamp on December 12, 2013
Good news for firefighters

Portland Fire and Rescue announced Thursday that they had landed an over $4.5 Million dollar grant from FEMA.  It means 26 firefighters who had already received their pink slips will get to keep their jobs for at least the next 2 years.  2 neighborhood fire stations will also not have to close.  Below is the press conference issued by PF&R.

Today, …

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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Trojan Horse in NW Portland

Posted by Brett Reckamp on December 10, 2013
"Put warm blankets in me"

A giant Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Trojan Horse has turned up in Northwest Portland at 10th and Northrup.  A man named Frank Mabry is taking credit for it.

There’s a little sign on the front asking people to leave warm blankets around.  He’ll put them inside for safe keeping and distribute to people in need.

Cover Oregon Faces New Problem: Budget

Posted by Alpha Broadcasting on December 9, 2013

You can now add the budget to a long list of problems facing Oregon’s health exchange program.

It’s really quite simple. Higher costs, lower revenue, and a smaller reserve fund. That all could equal higher costs for consumers.

Up until next year federal dollars will foot the bill for Cover Oregon to operate. However when those dollars stop, the program will have …

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Holgate MAX Station Murder Suspect Not Indicted

Posted by Brett Reckamp on December 4, 2013
Abukar Maday / Silano Velasquez

A Grand Jury Wednesday decided not to indict 18-yaer-old Silvano Valasquez with murder in the death of 15-year-old Abukar Maday.  Maday was shot and killed in October 11th at the Holgate MAX Station by Velasquez.  Alex Ramirez was also shot, but he survived.

New video shows that it was Maday and Ramirez who picked a fight with Valasquez and his girlfriend …

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