Portland School Board Agrees: No choirs at the Grotto

Posted by Brett Reckamp on November 4, 2015

PORTLAND, Ore. — By a margin of 4-3, the Portland Public School Board has weighed in on a proposition that would have allowed choirs to continue singing at The Grotto during their annual Festival of Lights events.

The district decided to ban choirs from singing there based on a complaint by the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation.  They suggested that because the …

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PPS Board Decides to Keep Ban On Grotto School Choirs

Posted by Rosemary Reynolds on November 4, 2015

PORTLAND, Ore. —  The Portland School Board decided to keep the district’s ban on school choirs performing at the Grotto.

The vote was 4-3 against.  It’s all about liability.  the district says legal staff said the complaint from the Freedom of Religion Foundation had merit and the district could risk legal action if the school choirs continued to perform Christmas concerts …

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Portland State Gives Interim Head Football Coach Bruce Barnum Official Job

Posted by Brett Reckamp on October 14, 2015
bruce barnam

PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland State University announced Wednesday that they are awarding the official head coach title to their interim head football coach Bruce Barnum.  He reportedly signed a 5-year deal.

His players seem to have responded to his blue collar, hard nosed style – they call it “Barney Ball”.

Coach Barnum was promoted from Offensive Coordinator to interim head coach at …

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VIDEO: Thief Seen Stealing $80K Package Off Front Porch

Posted by Brett Reckamp on October 6, 2015

HAPPY VALLEY, Ore. — A suspect is wanted for stealing a package off the front porch of a home on SE Champagne Lane.

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s department says around 4:44pm last Friday, a man driving a small, dark hatchback car pulled up to the house, got out, took the box, stuffed it in the back of his car and left. …

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