Posted by Steve Leader on September 24, 2014

Mollala was one of two areas that had earthquakes today.  The other was Newport.  Both  occured in the morning.

Doug Gibbons, with the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, says the Mollala quake, at 8:17am,  registered 2.7.  It was more than 17 miles underground.

The other quake, near Newport, was stronger, 3.0, and deeper.    No damage was reported from either event.

Gibbons says such quakes …

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All He Wanted Was Retirement

Posted by Steve Leader on August 4, 2014
Lenny Joe Fadness

An intruder who made himself at home on the coast, in a stranger’s home, says it was part of his retirement plan.

Newport Police say Lenny Joe Fadness, a 52-year old drifter, had watched tv at the house, showered, and used the homeowner’s bed while he was gone.

When the homeowner returned to his house, he called 911.  Police say that when …

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