Tree Hits Condos And Cars In Lake Oswego

Posted by Jeremy Scott on June 1, 2015
tree on car

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. — A storm knocked down a tree onto the Oswego Talisman Condominiums at 1st Street and D Avenue, damaging several cars early Monday.  Luckily, nobody was hurt.

Neighbors heard thunder and saw lightning followed by the thud of the tree.  Some say it felt like an earthquake.

The property owner is responsible for removing the tree from the property. …

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Winds Knock Down Trees And Damage Property

Posted by Jeremy Scott on February 25, 2014

PORTLAND — Tree trimmers are staying busy after strong winds throughout the metro area on Tuesday caused trees to fall onto power lines, cars and whatever was in their path.

“This is actually number four for us today,” said Jon Poteet with Northwest Tree Service.  By early afternoon, he’d already responded to calls in Lake Oswego, Sylvan and Clackamas.

A large Douglas Fir …

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