Vancouver Amends Ordinance Allowing Overnight Camping

Posted by Steve Herman on September 22, 2015

VANCOUVER, Wa.- The Vancouver City Council unanimously voted to amend a decades old ordinance that made overnight camping on public property illegal.

“We’re in a difficult position here,” Mayor Tim Leavitt said to the rest of the council. “The point was brought up earlier of what happens if a police officer issues a citation for camping?” Leavitt said. “Nothing, that’s right.”

The …

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City of Portland Introduces Homeless Initiative

Posted by Brett Reckamp on August 20, 2015
homeless portland 2

PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland Mayor Charlie Hales and Housing Commissioner Dan Saltzman laid out the city’s new 4-point Homelessness Initiative inside City Hall Thursday.  They say they’re looking to manage public space issues until the city, county and state reach long-term solutions including more funding for housing and mental health treatment while seeking to create safer, more comfortable public spaces …

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Macdonald Center Helps People by Making Personal Connections

Posted by vstouffer on May 14, 2015

Ten years after Portland said it would end homelessness. It’s pretty apparent that hasn’t happened.

Take a walk down any street in Portland’s Oldtown, they’re not hard to miss: The old, the poor, the sick, the substance abusers, the mentally ill.

Macdonald Center is a local social service agency that provides housing and services to people living on the margins. A basic …

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Homeless Man Allegedly Bites His Puppy “Hobo”

Posted by Brett Reckamp on January 20, 2015

The Beaverton Police Department says they arrested 24-year-old John Medina Sunday after someone saw him abusing his puppy “Hobo”.

Medina was reportedly spotted lifting his dog up off the ground by its leash.  He was also punching and even biting the animal in the stomach and the ears.

Officer Mike Rowe says when they approached Medina, he told them he was trying …

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Garbage Cans Are Wonderful: When You Use Them

Posted by Steve Leader on April 2, 2014

A manhole discovered missing Monday night , on Northeast 22nd Avenue near the Banfield freeway (I-84), may have been missing for quite some time.

Crews with Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services responded to the area after someone called-in that the cover was missing.

Linc Mann with B.E.S. says inside the manhole they found old cookware, propane tanks, and all kinds of household …

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