Abuse Complaint Gets Response After Six Days

Posted by Steve Leader on March 3, 2014

Photo courtesy: KGW

Hillsboro dog owner Marlin Starr says there had been no response to his complaint of animal abuse, allegedly by Washington county animal control, until today.

Starr tells the Jim Villanucci Show he received a call from from Hillsboro police notifying him that detectives are looking into his allegation.

According to Starr, animal control officer Hoyt Stepp struck his dog in …

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Car Crashes into Hillsboro Apartment

Posted by Cort Johnson on February 27, 2014


Residents of a Hillsboro apartment complex woke up with morning to find a car had come crashing into the building.

Emergency crews responded just before 5:30am, finding a white Buick sedan near the back patio of an apartment on NW Cornell Road at the Verandas apartment complex.

Officials had to remove the roof of the vehicle in order to remove the driver.  …

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Update: Missing Hillsboro Teens Found Safe In Portland

Posted by FM News 101 KXL on February 24, 2014

Update:  Late Tuesday, KXL learned both 14 year old Drew Martin and 15 year old Joseph Beals were found on a TriMet bus near Lloyd Center.  Portland police confirmed to KXL, cops were called to the Portland Rescue Mission in the afternoon on a report the two had been staying there but when cops arrived the two were gone.  We’ll …

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Canadian Snowbirds Cancel Their Appearance For Oregon Air Show

Posted by Jim Ferretti on January 31, 2014
Comox Armed Forces Day and Air Show

Hillsboro, Oregon – The Oregon International Air Show announced Friday the Canadian Forces Snowbirds jet demonstration team cancelled their appearance scheduled for September 19th – 21st.

The Snowbirds cancellation is part of budget cutbacks by the Canadian Military that has forced the Snowbirds to cancel all of their scheduled appearances at U.S. air shows in 2014.  As of now it does …

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The Canadians Are Coming!

Posted by Jim Ferretti on December 19, 2013
Comox Armed Forces Day and Air Show

Months after what some are calling a disappointing Oregon International Air Show in 2013, organizers announced Thursday the Canadian Forces Snowbirds jet demonstration team will headline the 2014 show.

This marks the first time since 1993 that the Snowbirds will be at the Oregon Show and is one of only four scheduled shows for the team inside the U.S. in 2014.

“We …

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