Four Boys Charged In Fire That Destroyed Historic Civic Stadium

Posted by Jeremy Scott on July 2, 2015

EUGENE, Ore. — Four boys, ages 10 to 12, are facing second-degree arson charges in Monday afternoon’s fire that burned Civic Stadium to the ground.  Investigators got the tip on Wednesday that led them to the kids.

A fifth boy told his parents what happened and they reported it to police.  He left before the kids set the fire in the …

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Hiring 250

Posted by Steve Leader on March 19, 2015
Help Wanted

Photo Courtesy: Associated Press

EUGENE, Ore. – Firstsource Solutions is hiring 250 people for its new customer contact center in Eugene.  The work involves handling customer care, for a telecom firm, through live chat.

The center’s site director, Chris Autry, says these are full-time jobs with health benefits.  To learn more, click here.

Eugene Woman Joins The Fight To Change Oregon Sex Crime Laws

Posted by Jim Ferretti on March 9, 2015

Portland Ore. – It was April of 2005 and Jenny Wendt Ewing was a nursing student at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.  When she finished study in one of her classes, the T.A. Professor asked her out on a date.

“It was about our third date when he asked to come up to my apartment” Ewing said. “We had had now intimate …

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No More Frisbee For Him

Posted by Steve Leader on September 15, 2014
Jahson Marryshow

EUGENE, ORE.– Eugene Police say they received a tip that Jahson Marryshow might be in the city.  The 31-year old had been on the run since 2010 for a bank robbery in Ulster County, New York.  Marryshow was the county’s most wanted fugitive.

There were reports that Marryshow displayed a gun during the robbery, then stole a car, and burned down …

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OR Carjacking Suspect Linked to CA Deputy Murder

Posted by Associated Press on March 20, 2014


CLEONE, Calif. (AP) – The suspect in a shootout that killed a Northern California sheriff’s deputy Wednesday did not commit suicide as authorities had previously reported, but was killed by a police officer.

Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman told KTVU-TV on Wednesday evening that initial reports that the suspect, Ricardo Anthony Chaney, had been killed in the shootout rather than taking …

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