Pellet Gun Used In Corvallis Pot Robbery

Posted by Pat Boyle on April 23, 2015

CORVALLIS, Ore. — A teenage is facing robbery and assault charges after police say he shot a man with a pellet gun and stole his marijuana.

16-year-old Thomas Alexander was an acquaintance of 39-year-old Christopher Walker’s daughter.  The two teens went to Walker’s apartment to smoke pot that Walker was going to provide.  When Alexander stepped inside, he pointed a pellet …

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Small Nuke Plants May Be In Washington’s Future

Posted by Steve Leader on August 14, 2014

Photo courtesy”

A panel of Washington state lawmakers is planning to visit a Portland company that makes small nuclear reactors to generate electricity. The story was first reported by KGW News.

The company, NuScale, describes its nuclear reactors as simple, small, and extraordinarily safe. The federal government is helping fund research on the reactors in Corvallis.

The chair of a Washington state …

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Did This Man Sexually Abuse Children At His Ex-Church?

Posted by Steve Leader on April 18, 2014

Albany police don’t yet know if Stanley Brittain, 39, had any illegal sexual contact with children at  Saint Anne Orthodox church in Corvallis where, until last week, he served as a priest known as Father Isadore.

According to Albany Police captain Eric Carter, a tip involving Brittain was received earlier this week from the Oregon Department of Justice Internet Crimes Against …

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