Apple Brandy Sour

Posted by FM News 101 KXL on October 27, 2012

Back on this date 1774—John Chapman born—otherwise known as Johnny Appleseed-responsible for planting hundreds of apple trees throughout the Ohio Valley during his lifetime. So why not pay tribute to the man with an apple inspired drink—The Apple Brandy Sour!

2oz Calvados or Applejack, ¾ oz. fresh orange juice, ½ oz. simple syrup.

In a shaker filled with ice, add the liquid …

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Barbecuing Beef Roasts

Posted by Alpha Broadcasting on October 13, 2012

Types of Roasts: Choose roasts with a good amount of fat, both on the exterior and interior. Fat adds flavor and moisture to the meat.

Turducken Cooking Tips

Posted by Alpha Broadcasting on November 19, 2011

TURDUCKEN— The “turducken” is a deboned stuffed chicken inside a deboned stuffed duck inside a deboned stuffed turkey. The name is comprised of syllables from the words “turkey,” “duck,” and “chicken.” Usually the tip end of the turkey leg bones and the first two wing joints are left on the turkey so that after assembly, the finished product resembles a …

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Kimmie Rae’s Turkey Brine Recipe

Posted by Alpha Broadcasting on November 19, 2011

Kimmie Rae, a loyal Cooking Outdoors listener passed along her own special brine recipe. She says it helps to make their holiday turkeys wonderfully moist and flavorful. Give it a try!