Woman Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Child

Posted by Jeremy Scott on June 19, 2015

MOLALLA, Ore. — Police have arrested a woman for the sexual assault of a child inside the bathroom of the Safeway store on West Main Street.

68-year-old Laurie Swanson was arrested at her home on Thursday night for attempted sex abuse, public indecency and resisting arrest.

Police say it happened on Wednesday afternoon.  Swanson’s picture was released to the media on Thursday afternoon …

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Police Looking For Man Who Assaulted Girlfriend

Posted by Pat Boyle on June 1, 2015

Portland, Oregon – Portland Police are asking for the public’s help in finding a man who’s wanted for kidnapping and assaulting his girlfriend. Police say she is now safe and getting medical treatment.

The suspect is 32 year old David Santiago Pompa . Police say he’s armed with a large knife and could be driving a dark green 1997 Acura TL …

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You Might Not Agree With This

Posted by Steve Leader on October 23, 2014
Oregon Court Of Appeals

Ripping out someone’s hair may sound like assault.  But not always.  The Oregon Court of Appeals ruled this week in the case of Derrick James Lewis.

A jury had found Lewis guilty of 4th degree assault for pulling out his wife’s hair,  while she screamed at him, “stop it.”  Clumps of her hair were found on the floor.

Oregon Live reports the …

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Man Sentenced In Portland Fry Pan Assault

Posted by Steve Leader on April 22, 2014
Michael Parker

It’s hard to fight back when you’re six-years old, asleep in your bed, and a stranger enters your room.  He assaults you with a frying pan, cracks your skull.  It happened to a little girl in Portland almost three-years ago.

The attacker, Michael Parker, 29, also assaulted the child’s father during a fight. A judge Monday sentenced Parker to at least …

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Fight Results in Shooting On Woodstock

Posted by Jeremy Scott on March 7, 2014
Courtesy: KGW

PORTLAND — A man was shot and another man was arrested for pulling the trigger near Southeast 82nd and Woodstock late Friday morning.

Witnesses say the men were fighting in the street when a shot was fired.  The victim ran to an auto body shop for help while the shooter bolted from the scene to a home where he was arrested.

The guy shot …

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