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Compelling People and Stories, Active on the Radio with Jamie Mustard and Kevin Carroll

RadioActive is Kevin Carroll and Jamie Mustard’s defiant perspective on innovation and storytelling. With celebrity, artist, innovator and pop culture interviews across a range of human endeavors, Kevin and Jamie converse their way through the show, examining concepts and people from every angle in an attempt to artfully give their audience a new perspective.

RadioActive is a portal that will reveal something new to listeners, or at least a new way of looking at things. Eclectic, somber, enlightening, contemplative, fearless and fun, RadioActive examines people and the world from a uniquely Portland perspective.

RadioActive is an energized, often humorous foray into the distinctive stories, which relate to or emanate from Portland, that stimulate the rest of the world. There is a sober side to Portlandia — something real that makes Portland and its values a sought after place to visit, live and emulate. From slow food to artisan craftsmanship, all combined with hip taste and entrepreneurial guts, Portland has emerged as one of the only small cities ever to create a defined set of values that are coveted across the country.

RadioActive with Kevin Carroll and Jamie Mustard brings Portland’s unique artistic and entrepreneurial class, values and personalities to the world, while also telling the stories of those around the world that embody a similar cultural ethos in terms of social innovation and the encouragement of ideas.

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Jamie MustardJamie Mustard is a journalist, writer, amateur cultural anthropologist and idea maker. He is funny, irreverent, almost never politically incorrect, and offers a unique perspective on any topic. He is the author of the forthcoming book The Iconist: The Soft Science of What Causes Something to Stand Out in the Modern World.
Kevin CarrollKevin Carroll is a world-renowned author, speaker and social change agent. Success Magazine recently named him one of the top 19 “seers” and social innovators changing the world alongside the likes of Bill Gates, Dave Eggers, Salman Khan, Elon Musk and Dean Kamen. Newsweek called Kevin’s book, Rules of the Red Rubber Ball, “Dr. Seuss for adults.” His words have appeared on over 17 million Starbucks cups. Kevin served as the head athletic trainer for the Philadelphia 76ers and as the Katalyst (the K is for Kevin) for Nike, working as a change agent to increase the overall value of the Nike brand.

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