Oregon Business Leaders Kick off Campaign

Posted by Mike Turner on May 9, 2014

160 of Oregon Big Businesses announce their support of a campaign to stop an initiative that would allow them to discriminate against gay weddings.

Powells, New Seasons, Nike and Schnitzer are just a few of the big money names. They say allowing that kind of discrimination hurts their business and puts Oregon in a bad light.

They are hoping to stop the …

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Letter Carriers Ready to Collect Food Saturday

Posted by Rosemary Reynolds on May 9, 2014
letter carrier food

PORTLAND, OREGON     The Oregon Food Bank is hoping that letter carriers here in Oregon will be able to collect some 1.5 millions pounds of non-perishable food items tomorrow during Help Stamp Out Hunger Day.  4,000 let carriers are expected to participate.

The items they hope you will leave in a bag for them by the mailbox include peanut butter …

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HOW You Ask Her To Prom Matters

Posted by Pat Boyle on April 25, 2014
prom ask

Portland, Oregon – Long gone are the days of simply asking a girl to go to  Prom. Today’s teens get a lot more elaborate. Southridge senior  Michael Bergstrom’s girlfriend likes horses. So he arranged to have her friend go horseback riding with her and he planned to put on a cowboy outfit, wait at a vineyard with a picnic and …

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No Collar Cameras For Portland Cops For Now

Posted by Steve Leader on April 21, 2014
collar camera

Some police chiefs believe officers would draw fewer complaints from the public if cops were outfitted with tiny video cameras worn on their collars or sunglasses.

A police officer in Fort Worth, Texas says, “these cameras are the future of policing.” Corporal Tracy Knight adds, “these cameras allow us an accurate and irrefutable account of police encounters.”

The police chief in Bremerton, …

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Aloha Garden Club Plant Sale, Timber Pro UV, Harry Olson’s Favorite Tomatoes, Robin Rosetta Discusses Lace Bug Problem

Posted by dshurtliff on April 19, 2014

Written by Mike Darcy

My guest at 9:15 is Carolyn Guinther. Carolyn has been very active in the Aloha
Garden Club and their annual sale is Saturday, April 26, from 9am-2pm at Aloha
Huber Park Elementary School, SW 173 & Farmington. This has been one of the
better garden club sales with both varieties of plants and prices.

The 9:30 guest, Shari Steber is from …

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