Ex-Mailman Must Pay

Posted by Steve Leader on December 12, 2013
Courtesy: TheGuardian.com

A 54-year old Tigard man, Bruce Douglas Menzies, was sentenced in federal court Wednesday for mail theft.

He pled guilty in a case that began when a grandmother noticed that money she mailed to children did not arrive. Menzies admitted he stole the money from cards and letters and spent it on alcohol.

He’ll have to spend 3 years on probation and …

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Cops After Flasher Targeting Christmas Shoppers

Posted by Steve Herman on December 12, 2013

Police in Hazel Dell Washington are after a man who exposed himself to a little girl and two women at Target. The man suspected of flashing the shoppers has a goatee, striped beanie and sunglasses. Authorities say it happened Wednesday afternoon on Northeast Hazel Dell Avenue. They say the man went in, flashed a mom and daughter, and then another …

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Cold Weather Means Gas Savings?

Posted by Dan Mitchinson on December 5, 2013

Does filling up when its cold outside get you more gas for your money?

It’s called ‘Thermal expansion,’ and the idea is that gasoline will contract in low temperatures, and that will result in more gas per gallon being pumped into your car’s tank.

“The answer is, it’s hard to say for sure,’ says AAA Oregon Spokesperson Marie Dodds. “Lets say that …

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Marijuana Bust

Posted by Mike Turner on December 3, 2013

West Linn police arrested three people during a raid on a drug ring distributing marijuana through the local high school. Dozens of West Linn High School students may be involved. 51 year old Francesco Zorich and two former students of the school were taken into custody along with 10 pounds of weed, 18 thousand dollars in cash and a hand …

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