Abs Are Made In The Kitchen

Posted by Dan Mitchinson on February 4, 2014
protein shake

‘You’re abs aren’t made in the gym, but in the kitchen.’

How many trainers and fitness junkies have I heard that from?  Turns out it’s true. Sure you can do the work in the gym, but unless you’re eating ‘clean,’ and the right amount of protein, carbs and fats (good fats, Ding Dongs don’t count I’m sorry to say), all that …

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Eyes Wide Shut

Posted by Dan Mitchinson on February 2, 2014
dan black and white

‘First rule of Fight Club, there are no rules.’

First rule of boxing, “You need to keep your eyes open at all times,” my coach, Molly McConnell reminds me. I didn’t realize I was a ‘flincher,’  as she calls it, until we had a staff photographer come out to take some pictures of me sparring recently.

Not only do I apparently shut …

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All This For Squat!

Posted by Dan Mitchinson on February 1, 2014

There’s a lot of leg work involved in boxing, so my trainer and physical therapist are hammering me to strengthen my lower body. Up early this morning working on mobility exercises and ‘goblet squats’ to help strengthen my quads and hamstrings.

We warm up with a few reps of these, before going on to the heavier ‘big bar’ stuff. Right now …

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Missed It By A Nose

Posted by Dan Mitchinson on January 31, 2014
dan nose

No my nose isn’t broken, but it’s swollen, and feels broken. I was training with a physical therapist to improve my mobility. The idea was to twist my body, throw a 12 pound solid rubber ball into a small trampoline, it bounces back, I catch it,rotate and repeat.

I did it once, and thought ‘This is an accident waiting to happen.’ Sure …

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Early Bird Gets The Sunrise

Posted by Dan Mitchinson on January 31, 2014
sunrise run

Training to box isn’t just about upper body strength, it’s about endurance and stamina. And because there’s so much moving around involved, that means I have to get back into running and up my time spent on cardio-which I hate more than anything.

Honestly, I’ve never really enjoyed running. I’ve done a few half marathons over the years, and while I …

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