Driver evades chase by jumping off bridge

Posted by Jake Baez on January 10, 2014
Rebecca Humphries

Police have seen it all, and advise that the “jump in the river” tactic almost never works — which proved true for Rebecca Humphries as she attempted to flee a police chase. Thursday, KGW acquired video of the escape and the attempting to evade by jumping from the bridge.

Carey Kaer, Troutdale police spokesperson,  says an officer attempted to stop a Ford Taurus on Wednesday …

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The City Says NO to Hempstalk

Posted by Mike Turner on January 9, 2014

Portland’s City Council supports its Park Bureau in denying a permit for the Hempstalk Festival. The event was criticized for lack of traffic control, litter, illegal camping and illegal use of drugs and alcohol by minors at last year’s festival at Kelly Point Park. Organizers say they’re willing to work with the city and say Waterfront Park is a better …

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Facebook Trails Used In Credit Checks

Posted by Steve Leader on January 9, 2014
Dollar Bills

Your Facebook and Twitter trails could factor into your future credit score.  The Wall Street Journal reports a growing number of lenders, mainly startups that grant smaller loans, are already doing it.

Lenders are using social media not only to check creditworthiness, but also to check loan applicants identities.

Watchdog groups are growing concerned.  One credit scoring company, FICO, says the concept …

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Neighbors Fear the Loss of Historic Home

Posted by Mike Turner on January 8, 2014
photo 1

Lake Oswego city leaders voted to remove the historic designation from the city’s oldest house clearing the way for its destruction. Neighbors of the Carman House have been fighting to keep the home but are resigned to the fact that it will be sold to developers who will put in multiple housing on the 1.25 acres. Those who live nearby …

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Police Review Reforms Approved

Posted by Mike Turner on January 8, 2014
Portland's finest

Portland’s city leaders say they’ve waited long enough and have voted in favor of citizen review reforms. Critics say the reforms don’t go far enough and wanted the city council to delay their vote until after fairness hearings on a package of police reforms next month.The Mayor says it’s the city’s job to approve reforms that have been mandated by …

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