Light Therapy

Posted by Mike Turner on February 27, 2014

This crystal light chandelier helps to set the mood at the Lightbar.

Owner Alex Carlson says his mood light and sound concept is way out of the box for a Portland bar. Not just for those affected by S.A.D. but for just finding the right feeling no matter what time of year you’re there.

House Fire May Be Drug Related

Posted by Mike Turner on February 27, 2014

Firefighters find a man in his front yard while the house he occupied was on fire. He was taken to the hospital with burns.

Investigators were checking out the possibility drug lab in the basement of the home.


ABC’s Of Boxing Not That Simple

Posted by Dan Mitchinson on February 22, 2014

I didn’t have a good day at the gym today.

Like anything that’s new, you start at the very beginning, and go from there. ABC, 123.

But boxing requires you to mix it up. It’s not a ‘by the numbers sport.’ Which means I need to know how to do BCA, 321 or 1BC 23A. Because once you get into the ring, …

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Posted by Mr BBQ on February 22, 2014

Thanks to my bbq buddy Rick Burden for posting this recipe. Super easy, with just a few ingredients. It also proves my point that, “If you can cook it on the stove, or bake it in an oven, you can also do it on your barbecue!” These would be great starters for pulled pork or brisket sliders, or to help you …

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Gay Couples React to AG’s Decision

Posted by Mike Turner on February 20, 2014

Two gay couples who are Represented by the American Civil Liberties Union in their lawsuit against the state ban on gay marriage are overjoyed by the Attorney General’s decision not to defend it.

They told a Press conference at ACLU offices that marriage means much more than just the legal definition.

Both couples hope the judge rules against the ban but are …

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