Ukraine’s President Buckles, Protesters Split

Posted by Associated Press on February 21, 2014

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — In a fast-moving day that aimed to reshape Ukraine’s political destiny, protest leaders and the beleaguered president agreed Friday to form a new government and hold an early election. Parliament slashed the powers of President Viktor Yanukovych and voted to free his rival, former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, from prison.

It was a crucial shift in Ukraine’s …

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Sochi Olympics 2014 Update

Posted by Jake Baez on February 21, 2014

As a general update, The German Olympic Committee has confirmed that it was notified, one of its athletes has failed a doping test at the Sochi Games. The first announced of these Olympics.

The athlete was not identified.

The committee says in a statement that it was informed Thursday night by the International Olympic Committee that …

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Northeast Portland Flasher Returns

Posted by Rosemary Reynolds on February 21, 2014

PORTLAND, OREGON    Police responded to to the area of Northeast Alameda street and Alameda Terrace Thursday afternoon after a report of a man exposing himself to three 11 year old children on their way home from Beaumont School.  The Children told police the the suspect yelled at them and when they looked in his direction, he exposed himself.  The …

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Gay Athletes at Freedom Oregon Launch

Posted by Mike Turner on February 20, 2014

Freedom Oregon was launched Thursday night by prominent Oregon Republicans who support same-sex marriage.

We talked to NBA veteran Jason Collins and Willamette University’s Conner Mertens. Collins had come out and had joined the First Lady during the President’s State of the Union speech and Mertens is the first active college athlete to come out publicly.

Freedom Oregon leader Elaine Franklin says …

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Gay Couples React to AG’s Decision

Posted by Mike Turner on February 20, 2014

Two gay couples who are Represented by the American Civil Liberties Union in their lawsuit against the state ban on gay marriage are overjoyed by the Attorney General’s decision not to defend it.

They told a Press conference at ACLU offices that marriage means much more than just the legal definition.

Both couples hope the judge rules against the ban but are …

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