Oregon Voters to Decide GMO Label Issue

Posted by Brett Reckamp on July 23, 2014

Oregon GMO Right to Know gathered over 155,000 signatures in 6 weeks to get their initiative on the November ballot.  It would require manufacturers, distributors and retailers to put labels on foods made with genetically modified organisms.  Raw foods would require a sign.  Sandeep Kauschic says it’s all about giving Oregonians a choice.

Meantime, Scott Dahlman with Oregonians for Food and …

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19-Year-Old Shot and Killed in SE Portland

Posted by Jeremy Scott on July 23, 2014

Paul Krekeler

PORTLAND — A teen who was shot in the Woodstock neighborhood late Tuesday night ran down the street before collapsing in the yard of a home.  Police found Paul Krekeler, 19, dead at Southeast 57th and Harold.  He was shot in the chest.

Witnesses saw a white SUV or truck leave the scene, but police are not sure if the …

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The Children Are Coming

Posted by Mike Turner on July 22, 2014

Pro immigration activists held a welcome for unaccompanied child immigrants rumored to be arriving in Portland within the next few weeks.

It’s unclear when children might arrive but supporters want to counter anti-immigration protesters in Oregon and across the country.

Voters Will Decide On Pot

Posted by Mike Turner on July 22, 2014

Oregon voters will decide whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use after state elections officials on Tuesday said the measure qualified for the November ballot.

The measure would allow adults 21 and older to buy and possess marijuana and would give the Oregon Liquor Control Commission the job of regulating and taxing the drug.

New Approach Oregon, the group behind the initiative, …

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Wildfires Grow Washington Recording the Largest Blaze in State History

Posted by Rosemary Reynolds on July 22, 2014
AP OR FIre .jpg2011

Portland, Oregon  The Carlton Complex fire is is the largest in Washington state history.  Think of it as four times bigger than the city of Seattle.  One person has died, one hundred fifty homes destroyed.  This morning, the fire burning Northeast of Central Washington is only 20 percent contained. Thousands have been evacuated with so many homes abandoned looting has …

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