Student Protest

Posted by Mike Turner on November 24, 2015

PORTLAND Ore – Dozens of students sat Tuesday morning in parts of Manor House, the building holding the offices of top Lewis & Clark College administrators. The protest comes after reports of attacks on a black student and a transgender student. A group called LC Black Lives Matter organized the protest.

OSPIRG’S Toxic Toys List is Out for 2015

Posted by Rosemary Reynolds on November 24, 2015

PORTLAND, Ore,–  For 30 years now OSPIRG has taken the lead on chasing down toxic toys and providing a platform for parents.  The Trouble In Toyland Report says  the slinky junior and alphabet magnets found at Target and the dollar store are on the list.  Balloons are still a big problem and so are magnets.  Magnets send 2,900 children to …

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Squatters Blamed For House Fire In North Portland

Posted by Pat Boyle on November 24, 2015
house fire in no po

KXL’s Rosemary Reynolds contributed to this story

PORTLAND, Ore. — Squatters are blamed for starting a house fire in North Portland early Tuesday morning.

The house at North Interstate and Willamette has been empty for 20 years and has no electricity or plumbing.  It’s believed that transients broke in and started living there.

Investigators say the fire started in the attic.  The cause has …

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Taking a Strike Vote

Posted by Mike Turner on November 23, 2015

Battleground teachers failed to come up with the two-thirds majority needed to strike. They’ve been without a contract since September 1st. Negotiations are continuing with the district.

City Has Cars Towed To Make Way For Leaf Clean-up

Posted by Jeremy Scott on November 23, 2015

Picture Courtesy: KGW

PORTLAND, Ore. — Despite notices to move their cars or be towed, residents were shocked to see them being taken away on Monday, costing them hundreds of dollars on the week of Thanksgiving.

Neighbors in several areas including Northwest Portland asked the Portland Bureau of Transportation to enforce law, which had not been previously.  They say the equipment couldn’t maneuver around the …

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