Drivers Stranded After Winter Storm

Posted by FM News 101 KXL on January 29, 2014

ATLANTA (AP) — Students spent the night on buses or at schools, commuters abandoned their cars or idled in them all night and the highways-turned-parking lots iced over when a winter storm slammed the city, creating a treacherous traffic jam that lasted into Wednesday.

It wasn’t clear exactly how many people were still stranded on the roads, a day after the …

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Woman Jailed In Vancouver Hit & Run Released

Posted by Jeremy Scott on January 29, 2014

Rosemary Reynolds contributed to this story

VANCOUVER — A judge ruled that Kalista Andino, one of two women arrested for witness tampering in a deadly hit and run, can be released from the Clark County Jail.

The judge warned that witness tampering is serious and if she fails to follow through with the no contact order, she’ll be right back in jail.  …

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State Audit of TriMet Cites Safety and Financial Issues

Posted by Cort Johnson on January 29, 2014

An audit by Oregon’s Secretary of State has found that TriMet has “extremely urgent financial issues that they need to address.”   That includes more than a billion dollars in unfunded obligations, with more than 800-million dollars going toward health care costs for current and past employees.

According to the Oregonian,  the 54-page audit found TriMet to be suffering from low morale …

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Obama Vows to Flex Presidential Powers in Speech

Posted by FM News 101 KXL on January 28, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — Seeking to energize his sluggish second term, President Barack Obama vowed Tuesday night in his State of the Union address to sidestep Congress “whenever and wherever” necessary to narrow economic disparities between rich and poor. He unveiled an array of modest executive actions to increase the minimum wage for federal contract workers and make it easier for …

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Conner Comes Out

Posted by Mike Turner on January 28, 2014

Willamette University Freshman Conner Mertens (in hat) may be the first active college football player to come out publicly. That according to An article published today.

Willamette University introduced Conner today along with his coach and some of his fellow team members. Mertens said he came out because he felt comfortable doing so and has had nothing but support from …

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