Major Fish Die-off

Posted by Mike Turner on August 24, 2015

Roseburg, Ore – Plagued by rising water temperatures and the bacteria and parasites that thrive in those virulent waters, 157,000 summer steelhead have died at Rock Creek Hatchery since May. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says they were subjected to onslaughts of columnaris and ichthyphthirius — bacterial and parasitic infections that thrive in warm waters.

Sweetcakes by Melissa Owners Featured in Ted Cruz Campaign Video

Posted by Brett Reckamp on August 24, 2015

HOUSTON, Tex — Texas Senator and Republican candidate for President Ted Cruz has a new campaign video out entitled:  “Stand for Religious Liberty”.  It features five different stories from real people who have all been sued and faced professional hardships for making religious stances for traditional marriages and against homosexuality.

The first faces you see are Melissa and Aaron Klein.  They …

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Sueing Seattle

Posted by Steve Leader on August 24, 2015

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Seattle, Wa–  The National Rifle Association filed suit today in King County Superior Court over adoption of the city’s new gun violence tax.

The tax, passed by the Seattle City Council, is $25 on each firearm sold in the city.  And five-cents per bullet on nearly every type of ammunition.

In its lawsuit the NRA, along with the National Shooting …

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Woman Sitting in Park Wounded in Drive-by Shooting

Posted by Jeremy Scott on August 24, 2015

PORTLAND, Ore. — Neighbors called 911 when a woman was shot in King School Park just after noon on Monday and a vehicle sped away from the area of Northeast 6th and Alberta.

20 year-old Annastasia Madison was sitting in the park with two men when an SUV pulled up with several black men inside.  Somebody shot at them, hitting Annastasia in …

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Roseburg Man Receives France’s Top Honor For Bravery

Posted by Pat Boyle on August 24, 2015

Paris, France – Oregon National Guardsman Alek  Skarlatos received the Legion of Honor medal from the President of  France today for helping take down a gunman on a high speed train bound for Paris on Friday. His two friends, U.S. airman Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler and a British businessman also received that country’s highest award for bravery.

Skarlatos returned to …

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