Groper attacking Women in Salem

Posted by Christina Kemp on December 12, 2013

A Salem community is on alert after a serial groper strikes again.

Salem Police think they have a serial groper on there hands. December 11th was the most recent attack. But investigators have linked him to assaults dating back to October.

Three Willamette University students have been assaulted. This week the school sent out an alert to warn students and staff.

“I had …

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Attack Of A Eugene Man Is Similar To The “Knock-Out” Game

Posted by Jim Ferretti on December 12, 2013
Courtsey Eugene Police

A 44-year old Eugene man is recovering after being attacked by 30-year old Christopher Branham Monday, December 10th.

Eugene Police say the victim was walking near the LTD bus Station at 10th and Willamette with his head down when Branham suddenly punched him several time sin the face and body while yelling “knockout.”  The victim was knocked to the ground, and …

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Federal Grant Saves Portland Fire & Rescue Jobs

Posted by Brett Reckamp on December 12, 2013
Good news for firefighters

Portland Fire and Rescue announced Thursday that they had landed an over $4.5 Million dollar grant from FEMA.  It means 26 firefighters who had already received their pink slips will get to keep their jobs for at least the next 2 years.  2 neighborhood fire stations will also not have to close.  Below is the press conference issued by PF&R.

Today, …

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Water Main Breaks Are More Likely In the Cold

Posted by Jeremy Scott on December 12, 2013

PORTLAND — An 85-year-old water main gave out on Southwest Vista Avenue overnight Wednesday.  Water mains break an average of 200 times a year in the city and it’s more common when it’s cold.  The 8″ cast iron pipe was installed in 1927.

“Cold water can cause pipes to become more brittle.  Adding cold air temperatures at or below freezing can …

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NW Logie Trail Road Closed Due to Icy Conditions

Posted by Jeremy Scott on December 12, 2013

PORTLAND — Icy conditions on Northwest Logie Trail Road have caused a closure near Skyline Boulevard that will last through the weekend.  A utility truck went off the road, crashed into a wooded area and caught fire on Thursday just before noon.

The driver jumped out of the flaming truck and escaped injury just moments before it slid into a ravine.

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