Middle School Students Sign Suicide Pact

Posted by Jeremy Scott on February 26, 2015

ALBANY, Ore. — The principal of Calapooia Middle School sent a letter home to parents after hearing that a student encouraged classmates to take their own lives.

A girl told her mother that she was asked to sign the suicide pact and the parent reported it.  The school contacted the parents of the student who initiated it and the kids involved.

Read the letter from Principal Pat Weidmann.

“We hope …

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Bike Thefts

Posted by Mike Turner on February 26, 2015

Over 2,100 bikes valued at about a million dollars were ripped off in the Portland area last year.

Those statistics from the Portland Police Bureau are driving the creation of a Bike Theft Task Force.  Sellers are even posting the pictures of known bike thieves at their shops.

Bike sellers say say the best method of prevention is steel U-Locks or locking …

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Uber Gives Free Rides in Vancouver

Posted by Mike Turner on February 26, 2015

Uber celebrated its arrival in Vancouver by offering free rides on Thursday.

My driver has been driving in Tacoma for Uber until Vancouver opened up.  Naomi is mostly a weekend or part-time driver from Portland and makes the equivalent of a full-time minimum wage job.

She had a background, driver history check and a vehicle inspection.  Her insurance is supplied by Uber …

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Little League Mom Goes To Jail For Stealing Money

Posted by Pat Boyle on February 26, 2015
Little league mom

PORTLAND, Ore. — A mother of six who stole $25,000 from Taborvilla Little League has been sentenced to 45 days in jail.  50-year-old Lonnie Reedy must also perform 240 hours of community service with the first 60 hours taking place in Multnomah County.  The judge said the rest could take place in Minnesota where she and her family now live.

Reedy must …

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Rash of Break-in’s for Southeast Portland Food Carts

Posted by Brett Reckamp on February 25, 2015
food cart rob 1

Photo Credit:  Nina Mehlhaf, KGW

Several pods near each other have been getting broken into lately; as many as ten in the last month.  KGW reports four carts on Foster pod on SE 52nd Avenue were hit sometime early Tuesday morning.

Thieves are busting doors and breaking padlocks, then taking anything that isn’t nailed down including electronics, cash, expensive equipment and even food. …

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