4-Year-Old Oregon Boy is a Medical Mystery

Posted by Jim Ferretti on January 1, 2014
Corban Durant

Corban Durant is perfect in his mothers eyes.  A 4 year old boy who loves his Ninja Turtles, motorcycles and cars.  That being said his mom Natasha says he’s a medical mystery.

Corban has a heart defect, his lungs and liver are both sick, he can’t blink or move his eyes and the part of Corban’s brain that controls muscle movement …

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New Law: Placentas OK’d To Be Taken Home

Posted by Dan Mitchinson on December 31, 2013


Beginning in the new year, new mothers will be able to take their placentas home after giving birth. Up until now, the organ wasn’t allowed to leave the hospital, because it was considered medical waste.

“It’s what feeds the growing fetus all its nutrients” says Dr. Michelle Berlin with OHSU. In some cultures, eating the sac that feeds the …

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Oregon Sends First Set of Rules to Marijuana Dispensaries

Posted by Steve Herman on December 12, 2013

A 13 member committee from the Oregon Health Authority is releasing details of how marijuana dispensaries will operate within the law. They have been hammering out the details since September, and Wednesday owners received an outline of what they will need to do to become a legal business.

And it isn’t cheap.

Owners will be able to apply for licenses starting March 3rd. …

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