OSPIRG’S Toxic Toys List is Out for 2015

Posted by Rosemary Reynolds on November 24, 2015

PORTLAND, Ore,–  For 30 years now OSPIRG has taken the lead on chasing down toxic toys and providing a platform for parents.  The Trouble In Toyland Report says  the slinky junior and alphabet magnets found at Target and the dollar store are on the list.  Balloons are still a big problem and so are magnets.  Magnets send 2,900 children to …

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Oregon Task Force Has a Safe Plan For Schools

Posted by Rosemary Reynolds on November 19, 2015
Jennifer Hoffman

SALEM, Ore.– The Oregon Task Force on School Safety issued it’s final report Wednesday. Prevention is the most critical part of school safety. Several areas need attention according to Clackamas County Sheriff, Craig Roberts, who led the group.

All schools need to have a standard floor plan.  Every school should have a threat assessment system.  A statewide text tip line in …

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40 Confirmed E. Coli Cases From Chiptole Restaurants

Posted by Rosemary Reynolds on November 4, 2015
e Coli Dr. hedberg

PORTLAND, Ore.– As many as 40 customers of Chipotle Restaurants in the Northwest have become ill with E. Coli.  12 in Oregon as of Tuesday.  The Oregon health Authority says  symptoms have shown up in people in Benton, Deshutes, and Columbia Counties.  Dr. Katrina Hedberg state Epidemiologist  believes the source of infection is fresh products.  Those products were likely consumed …

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New Mammogram Recommendations

Posted by Mike Turner on October 20, 2015

PORTLAND, Ore. — The American Cancer Society is revising its advice on when women should start getting mammograms. Health experts maintain women and their doctors should have a conversation about what is best for them.

The updated guidelines recommend annual breast cancer screenings at age 45 instead of 40 and switching to every other year at age 55.

Dr. Alison Conlin, an …

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City Council Approves Share of $30 Million To House Homeless

Posted by Rosemary Reynolds on October 7, 2015
homelss pdx

PORTLAND, Ore. —  They don’t have the money yet, but the City of Portland and Multnomah County announced their intent last week to spend $30 million to pay for shelter beds and housing for people in need.

Leaders say the money may not be available until next July.  There could be a bump in city money before then, but nothing is …

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