Cream cheesed jalepenos!

Posted by Mr BBQ on January 24, 2015

My favorite appetizer on the grill. This is easy, delicious and best of all, you can find the ingredients any time of year. Cream cheesed jalepenos!

Ingredients: 1 pound of fresh-fairly large jalepenos or Anaheim peppers, 1 package of cream cheese, ¼ cup of your favorite dried fruit-finely chopped or 3 tablespoons of fruit jelly, bacon, toothpicks.

Preparation: cut off the …

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Posted by Mr BBQ on January 17, 2015


1-1/2 pounds Yukon Gold potatoes–washed and cut in half lengthwise

15 slices of bacon, cut in half horizontally

3/4 cup of mayonaise

1/4 cup buttermilk

2 tablespoons fresh dill, chopped

1 teaspoon caraway seeds

1/4 teaspoon salt and pepper


Preparation: Microwave potato halves for 5-8 minutes, until tender. Remove and let cool

Wrap potato halves in bacon—grill @ 400F until bacon crisps up, turning potato halves over at least …

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Smoke Roasted Root Vegetable Stew

Posted by Mr BBQ on January 10, 2015

There’s a great selection of root vegetables available right now. If you’re looking for a different twist on a stew, take the best of these winter root vegetables and enjoy then as a savory, healthy stew!

INGREDIENTS: 1 cup rutabaga, cubed 2 cups russet potatoes, cubed 1 cup turnips, cubed 2 2 cups carrots, cubed 1 cup sweet potato, cubed 1 …

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Posted by Mr BBQ on January 3, 2015

For the second year running, the Dungeness crab season will open with a minimum price at the docks of $2.30 per pound, tying last season for the all-time opening high.  Retailers fear it’s too late to make up for the revenue lost during the month long delay in starting the season.  Dungeness season typically opens on Dec. 1, but the …

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Apricot-Oriental Wings.

Posted by Mr BBQ on December 27, 2014

A quick and tasty appetizer you can serve your guests during the holidays and during the bowl games. These take just a few minutes to prepare and 20-35 minutes to cook up.

Ingredients: 2lbs of chicken wings-discard wing tips, 1 bottle of sesame-ginger salad dressing, 4 tablespoons apricot preserves and 1 teaspoon garlic powder.

Preparation: In a gallon re-sealable plastic bag, add …

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