Gun Club Punch

Posted by Mr BBQ on July 19, 2014

A few years ago, I became acquainted with this wonderful libation at Trader Vic’s in Atlanta, GA. Needless to say, it’s delicious, cooling, refreshing. Delightful.

Ingredients: 1oz. silver rum, 1oz. dark rum, 1.5 oz. unsweetened pineapple juice,1/2 oz. fresh lime juice, splash of grenadine, dash of orange curacao, 1 cup crushed ice, 1 sprig of mint for garnish, 1 fruit stick …

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Avacado–Bourbon Milkshake

Posted by Mr BBQ on July 12, 2014

I think we started something last week. After complaining about the lack of bourbon milkshake recipes available, causing Sandi and I to make up our own…she found this interesting one this week.

Ingredients: Avocado Bourbon Shake serves 4 • 2 small, ripe Haas avocado (½ cup or so) • 3 cups vanilla ice cream • 1 cup coconut water • 4 …

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Mr.BBQ’s Bourbon Milkshake

Posted by Mr BBQ on July 5, 2014

Time to cool down, with an outraegous notion for an milkshake! But don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Cuz it’s GOOOOD! ! A kid type treat with an adult twist.

Ingredients: 6 ice cubes 2.5 cups premium vanilla ice cream 2 cups milk 1/4 cup bourbon (a sweeter tasting brand is best)

Preparation: Put all ingredients into a blender and blend …

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Mrs BBQ’s Pineapple Blast!

Posted by Mr BBQ on June 28, 2014

A thirst quencher with some added blast! A few years ago, Mrs BBQ came up with this idea as a way to salvage a fast decaying pineapple. It’s become an annual summer sipper in our household, and given that we are in the dog days of summer-sure to be a refresher for you. It’s Pineapple Blast!

Ingredients—1 ripe pine apple, peeled, …

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Summer Breeze

Posted by Mr BBQ on June 21, 2014

Courtesy of Dave Pickerell. The former Master Distiller, Maker’s Mark came up with A cocktail just for bourbon lovers to have in the summer. It’s called the Summer Breeze.

Ingredients: 1 orange wheel per drink, 2 tsp. Cointreau, 1.5oz. bourbon, 6oz. gingerale, 2-3 ice cubes. Orange peel twist for garnish.

Preparation: In a glass, add the whole orange wheel and Cointreau, muddle …

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