Hazelnut Anti-freeze

Posted by Mr BBQ on January 18, 2014

With as mild a winter as we’re having, wasn’t sure if I was going to trot this libation out this year—however with the damp, cold fog and low temps. ya know-just have to sip on my HAZELNUT ANTI-FREEZE to help ward off the cold and warm us up!

Ingredients  6oz.freshly brewed gourmet coffee…2oz. dark rum, 1oz. Frangelico-Hazelnut Liqueur, 1 teaspoon brown …

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Hot Whiskey Punch

Posted by Mr BBQ on January 11, 2014

Here’s a flavorful way to enliven your football or Olympic parties.

Ingredients: 1-liter blended whiskey, 3 cups water, 1 cup granulated sugar, 8 whole cloves, 4 lemons peeled and sliced into rounds. (save peel), 2 cinnamon sticks.

Preparation: In a non-reactive saucepan, add water, sugar, cinnamon sticks, cloves and lemon peel. Over medium-high heat begin to heat the mixture, stirring to dissolve the sugar.Bring to a boil, …

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Hot New Year’s Apple-Pear Cider

Posted by Mr BBQ on January 4, 2014

Time to warm up, and help our bodies fight the cold and flu season. Here’s a flavorful family-friendly hot drink to help toast in the New Year.

Ingredients: 2 qts. apple cider, 1 quart pear juice, 1/4 cup white sugar, 10 whole cloves, 6 whole allspice, 4 cinnamon sticks. Lemon and/or orange slices for garnish.

Preparation: Place all ingredients-except citrus slices into …

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Spicy Mulled Cider

Posted by Mr BBQ on December 28, 2013

Mulled cider is a must once the weather turns cool and this recipe will warm you, and a room full of friends. A nice, warm way to welcome in the New Year.


3 cups fresh apple cider
4 whole star anise pods
1/2 tsp. whole allspice berries
1 tsp. whole cloves
1 5-inch Ceylon cinnamon stick
4 white cardamom pods, cracked
2 orange wheels, quartered
2 lemon wheels, …

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Posted by Mr BBQ on December 21, 2013

Listener Dan Sweet passed this recipe along for this traditional holiday beverage.

A couple of things to note before I give you the recipe:

This is a “top shelf” eggnog. The prices for the bottles can be high, but it has really seemed worth it to me. Depending on the size of bottles purchased, they should provide enough for several batches.
One can make …

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