Turkey Time

Posted by jtracy on November 13, 2015

On this weeks show, Levi Strayer from Bear Mountain Forest Products is in the studio. Levi shares how BMFP pellets are made and the best way to use them in your smokers. We also talk a bit about Little Chief Smokers, which is another division of BMFP.

Aaron Hubbard from Black Olive Grills joins us again to visit about smoking turkeys, …

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The Cowboy Cook meets The Galloping Gourmet

Posted by jtracy on October 17, 2015

It took a long time but today on BBQ Nation my guest is Graham Kerr, The Galloping Gourmet!!

Graham and I discuss many topics including food, go figure. What fun it was to finally talk to the man who inspired me many years ago to pursue a career in the kitchen. I watched his show The Galloping Gourmet after school before …

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Fall Fun for BBQ

Posted by jtracy on September 29, 2015

Fall is a wonderful time of year here in the Northwest. Lots of activities like football, hunting ,fishing, hiking the list is lengthy. Fall also is NOT the time to put away your BBQ for the winter. In fact I don’t think you should ever put your BBQ away, but that is a topic for another day.

This Saturday Oct. 3rd …

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Tis the Season (ing)

Posted by jtracy on September 12, 2015

The invitations have been made and accepted. The main course has been selected and the grill (or smoker) is ready for tomorrow. But you look in the cupboard and all you have is a can or jar of last year’s rub.

What are going to season your meat with? Pearls of wisdom? Maybe BBQ Nation can help. On this week’s show …

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The Virginian comes to BBQ Nation

Posted by jtracy on August 21, 2015

As summer winds down and parents look forward with delight for the start of school there is still ample time for summer fun. Last week I spent time at the Portland Classic presented by Cambia at the Columbia Edge Water Country Club.

What a great time and a great tournament. A 17 year old Canadian Brittany Henderson smoked the field. Pretty …

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