Spring Cleaning Your BBQ

Posted by Mr BBQ on April 18, 2015

it’s almost like an annual rite of passing. Getting our backyard cookers ready for the heavy-use months. If yours has been lanquishing in the backyard and needs som T-L-C, here are some tips for getting your cooker cleaned for Spring:

Grill cleaning should be done at least 2x-4x per year.

A clean grill lasts longer, operates better and food tastes better too.
Especially …

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Ham Basics 101

Posted by Mr BBQ on December 23, 2014

Between Thanksgiving and New Years, its expected that Americans will consume more than 300 million pounds of ham during the holidays. Here are some of the most common types of hams you’ll find available.

Its vitally importsant that you read the labels to know exactly what you are purchasing. A fully cooked ham only needs to be warmed up. A Fresh ham …

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Posted by Mr BBQ on December 16, 2014

Misnomer to call it Prime Rib—prime is actually a grade of meat—based on the percentage of marbling in the meat. Most stores are selling Choice or Select. If a store claims PRIME-look for the red-white and blue USDA label certifying the grade.

>What you’re really cooking is a Rib eye roast or standing rib beef roast.

> For a generous serving of …

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All important turkey cooking answers

Posted by Mr BBQ on November 22, 2014

As we inch ever closer to the hallowed holidays and the meals that are such an important tradition accompanying them, it’s important to be aware of cooking temperatures when dispensing cooking advice. So here’s a reminder/primer offered as a resource which you can use when coaching our grill owners on cooking their meals:

Food Bacteria Range: 40-139F

Meat Begins Cooking @ 120F

Minimum …

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Get That Outdoor Kitchen Ready For Winter

Posted by Mr BBQ on November 15, 2014

If you have an outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to make sure all appliances, equipment, and surfaces are prepped and ready for the cold winter weather. Follow these steps to get things hunkered down, and to  help you avoid costly repairs and fix-ups next outdoor season:

Shut off water to your outdoor kitchen — an indoor shutoff valve is ideal because it won’t freeze.

Drain all water …

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