Peeled Apple

Posted by Steve Leader on October 1, 2014

Photo courtesy: Associated Press

Two former managers from Apple shared their stories, on a podcast, about what it was like working for the company.  The toll on employees, who helped create the i-Phone, i-Pad, and more, are clear.

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Hot Weather Cooking Precautions

Posted by Mr BBQ on July 5, 2014

As the mercury rises, so do the incidents of food borne bacteria poisoning. For every 10 degrees above 65, the rate of bacteria will quadruple. I always remind my listeners to “play it safe” when it comes to defrosting meat and food during the summer months.

Your best bet is to defrost in the refrigerator. Figure it takes 24 hours to defrost …

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The Single Most Important Rib Accessory

Posted by Mr BBQ on May 31, 2014

This past Memorial Day I outdid myself cooking 3 slabs of ribs. They were some of the best I’ve barbecued in a good while. I am often not happy with the level of smoke attained in my ribs. So what changed to bring about orgasmic utterances at our dinner table?

I used a rib rack. The one I have can hold …

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Posted by Mr BBQ on May 24, 2014

May is also National Hamburger Month–and no one loves a juicy, hot grilled hamburger (actually cheeseburger) more than I do. Here are some essential tips for turning out the best, lip smacking burgers off your grill!

1.Purchase the best meat possible. Burgers are really all about the meat, so don’t skimp. Buy the best quality beef you can find. 80-20 MIX. …

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Posted by Mr BBQ on May 17, 2014

Grill buying season is hitting a fever pitch. However, before you dash out to the store and buy your new outdoor cooking unit, sit down and do some research first. It will help you get the most out of your purchase, and will hopefully keep you from wasting your hard earned money:

● What kind of cooking do you mostly do? …

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