A Key Step Toward Legal Marijuana

Posted by Steve Leader on June 9, 2014
marijuana testing

A company that will test marijuana before it is legally sold in Washington has opened a testing lab in Yakima.

“Analytical-360,” a Seattle company that currently tests medical marijuana, will begin testing  recreational marijuana.  The examination will check for such factors as amount of THC, (which puts the “high” in pot) along with mold, bacteria, and parasites.

There are some ironies in …

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Portland City Council Delays Street Fee Vote

Posted by Jeremy Scott on June 3, 2014

PORTLAND — A vote was supposed to happen Wednesday on charging a monthly street fee to residents and businesses for maintaining the streets.

Mayor Charlies Hales and Commissioner Steve Novick pushed it back to November because of concerns over how the fee would affect small businesses and those with a low income.

“We can pay now, or we can pay a lot more later …

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Office Less Stressful Than Home

Posted by Steve Leader on June 3, 2014

A new study, from Penn State University, shows we’re more stressed at the office than we are at home.

The Wall Street Journal reports researchers surveyed 122-people– men, women, parents, and people without kids.  They measured levels of cortisol, a hormone released when we’re stressed.  The majority had levels that were higher at home than at work.

While work can be filled …

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Thermal Imaging: In Your Hand

Posted by Steve Leader on May 28, 2014
Flir one

Flir Systems, based in Wilsonville, will soon launch it’s newest product, Flir One.

It, essentially, turns an i-Phone into a thermal imaging device.  Flir’s Chief of Product Strategy, Jeff Frank, says their initial market for Flir One includes do it yourselfers.  Frank says they can use the product to measure such things as a home’s energy efficiency, locating heat and water …

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Likes And Shares Bring Oregon Jobs

Posted by Steve Leader on May 21, 2014
Facebook data center

A study done for Facebook, released today, shows the economic impact of its data center in Prineville.  The report shows that over the last five years Facebook brought 651 jobs to Central Oregon.

Research shows the ripple effect from the Prineville-area jobs was felt statewide, for a total of almost 3,600 jobs. The study says every ten jobs at Facebook-Prineville drive …

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