Large Clark County Employer Says No Expansion

Posted by Steve Leader on June 24, 2014

Photo Courtesy: The Columbian

The parent company of one of Clark county’s largest paycheck producers, Wafertech, says it’s no longer thinking of expanding any of its U.S. plants.  One-thousand people work at Wafertech’s Camas facility.

The Columbian reports the chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. said cost advantages to manufacturing in the U.S. will be harder to achieve in the future.  Most …

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Do You Make Your Own Luck?

Posted by Steve Leader on June 23, 2014
Go Luck

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Is it luck?  Or just a matter of making your own breaks?  A study by researchers at UCLA and Columbia University found that people who think of themselves as lucky tend to have a stronger success drive.

Others, who look at luck as fleeting, random, may wonder, “What’s the point?”   That group might be less likely to follow their dreams.

Thomas …

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Oregon Adding Jobs at Strong Rate

Posted by Associated Press on June 17, 2014

PORTLAND — Oregon’s economy continues to add jobs at a steady clip, but the unemployment rate has changed little in 2014.

The state Employment Department said Tuesday the state added 4,200 jobs in May and 6,200 in April, on a seasonally adjusted basis.

It said the past 11 months have seen “strong and continuous” job growth.

The agency says Oregon’s unemployment rate was …

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200 Jobs Open In Tualatin

Posted by Steve Leader on June 10, 2014

A national sporting goods chain, Cabela’s, has begun accepting online applications for its new store scheduled to open in Tualatin this fall.

The company, based in Nebraska, says it’s looking to hire about two-hundred people for full time and part time work.   Cabela’s says they prefer to hire applicants who know about the outdoors, are passionate about the outdoors, and can …

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A Key Step Toward Legal Marijuana

Posted by Steve Leader on June 9, 2014
marijuana testing

A company that will test marijuana before it is legally sold in Washington has opened a testing lab in Yakima.

“Analytical-360,” a Seattle company that currently tests medical marijuana, will begin testing  recreational marijuana.  The examination will check for such factors as amount of THC, (which puts the “high” in pot) along with mold, bacteria, and parasites.

There are some ironies in …

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