Case Of Mistaken Identity

Posted by Steve Leader on September 10, 2014
Microsoft Surface

Microsoft paid the NFL a lot of money to make the Microsoft Surface the league’s official tablet.  Coaches and players began using it on the sidelines last week when the season began.

Now, according to, there’s a problem.  At least two television announcers have mistakenly referred to the Surface as an iPad, which is made by Microsoft’s rival, Apple.

Avoid Supermarket Surprise: Read Labels

Posted by Steve Leader on September 9, 2014
Fruit Cockatail

Photo courtesy:

There was a time when shoppers could pretty much count on canned foods in the grocery aisle containing products grown in the U.S.A.

You may not have noticed how much things have changed.   Some Portland-area supermarkets are now selling store brand canned fruit cocktail, and store brand canned mushrooms,  whose labels read, “Product of China.”

Phil Lempert, also known as …

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It’s a Renters Nightmare in Portland

Posted by Rosemary Reynolds on September 5, 2014
Rent sign

PORTLAND — Many prospective renters are having problems finding a place to live.  Rent has nearly doubled in the last two years.  Worse than that, there are so many people looking and applications taken that it’s almost impossible to get into the rental pool.

The Fair Housing Council of Oregon says landlords can charge whatever the market will bear.  It’s not unusual to …

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Caution: Slower Growth Ahead

Posted by Steve Leader on August 27, 2014

Photo courtesy: Associated Press

WASHINGTON, D.C.– The  latest forecast on how much the U.S. economy will grow this year has been cut by about half.  The Congressional Budget Office has revised downward it’s GDP growth outlook,  from 3.1%  to 1.5%.

Robert Schroeder, with, says part of the reason for the lower projection is surprising weakness in the economy earlier this year.

According …

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Fred On Fred

Posted by Steve Leader on August 22, 2014
Fred Meyer Book Cover

Fred Leeson can talk about Fred G. Meyer all day.  Leeson, a Portland journalist and author, devoted 2 years to researching the life of Meyer, the late founder of the grocery chain.

Leeson lays it all out in his new book, “My-Te-Fine Merchant, Fred Meyer’s Retail Revolution.”   Hear our interview with Leeson: