Seahawks Score For Paul Allen

Posted by Steve Leader on January 30, 2014
Paul Allen

Paul Allen made a fortune helping Bill Gates launch Microsoft.  Allen still owns a good chunk of Microsoft stock. His other investments over the years include the Portland Trailblazers and Seattle Seahawks.

Which has been Allen’s most profitable?  According to the Puget Sound Business Journal it’s the Seahawks. The Journal reports the NFL franchise and the television rights have been a …

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Can Bill Play In Portland?

Posted by Steve Leader on January 28, 2014

Ever heard of “Bill The Butcher?”  After launching in Seattle five years ago, the chain that prides itself on selling only grass-fed meat plans to expand to Portland.

The editor of the Portland Business Journal, Rob Smith, says Bill’s is known for a sustainable, green approach which fits in with Portland.  Smith says he wouldn’t be surprised if Bill’s took hold …

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Poo Pourri-The Sweet Smell Of Success

Posted by Dan Mitchinson on January 27, 2014

Suzy Batiz has been working for years to get rid of foul bathroom odors.

“My husband is the inspiration” she says laughing during a recent phone interview. “He’s a very stinky guy.”

After nine months of testing homemade formulas on her husband, kids and friends, Batiz came up with a winning formula.

“My backgrounds with aroma therapies, I love to …

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Only About Half Have Paid Portland Arts Tax

Posted by Jeremy Scott on January 22, 2014

PORTLAND — Seven months since the Portland Arts Tax was due, still only about half of people required to pay the $35 yearly tax have paid up.

“We knew that the first year would be the lowest compliance because people were the least aware of the brand new tax and the infrastructure to collect isn’t fully implemented,” said Thomas Lannom, director of …

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Oregon’s Jobless Rate Is The Lowest Since 2008

Posted by Jeremy Scott on January 22, 2014

SALEM — The state’s unemployment rate is 7% at its lowest point since August of 2008, more than five years.  Economists say it’s a sign that the economy is accelerating out of a sluggish recovery from recession.

“The state has been adding jobs finally at a good pace and people that are looking for work are able to find jobs quicker …

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