Relief Unlikely

Posted by Steve Leader on October 31, 2014

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Relief from rising rents in the Portland-area seems unlikely anytime soon.  A new report from the state shows that, despite the current building boom, the region hasn’t added enough housing to keep up with population growth.

Oregon Live reports this means the market for houses and apartments will likely stay competitive.

Even though thousands of  homes and apartments have come …

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State: Economy May Be Better Than You Think

Posted by Steve Leader on October 21, 2014

Photo Courtesy: Associated Press

The Oregon Office of Economic Analysis wants to set the record straight about the state’s economy.  The agency says a lot of half-truths are making the rounds.

One, according to state number crunchers, is that Oregon is creating only low-wage jobs. Analysts say lots of high-wage jobs are also being created.

Despite a slowdown in hiring, the Office says the …

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PERS Decision Months Away

Posted by Steve Leader on October 14, 2014

Photo courtesy: Associated Press

The Oregon Supreme Court today heard oral arguments on whether the legislature violated the contracts clause of the Oregon Constitution in passing a pair of bills last year reducing public employee retirement benefits.

The Statesman Journal reports the bills, aimed at lowering pension costs for local governments and taxpayers, reduced cost of living adjustments and also ended certain …

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Line Already Forming Outside The Apple Store In Downtown Portland

Posted by Pat Boyle on September 18, 2014
apple iphone 6 line

PORTLAND, Ore. — The new iPhone 6 doesn’t go on sale until tomorrow. But several dozen people are already waiting in line outside the Apple Store downtown at 4th and Yamhill. The store front was dotted with folding chairs, blankets and sleeping bags.

One man said he didn’t want the phone for himself. He said he was there to buy it for …

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