Dana Loesch

Posted by mathewswanson on October 6, 2015
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Dana Loesch hosts her award-winning, #1 rated, daily program from flagship station KFTK-FM, St. Louis and is also featured on stations around the country, including WIBC-FM, Indianapolis.

Dana’s original brand of young, punk-rock, conservative irreverence has found a fast-growing multi-media audience. She’s feisty and fearless without being abrasive and shrill. She connects with younger listeners, while still appealing to the core …

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Jordon Schultz

Posted by FM News 101 KXL on July 14, 2015

Jordon is the Executive Producer of The Robbins and Markley Show everyday from 9-12 on KXL. His radio career started at the age of 19 when he was an intern for the now defunct Morning Sports Page over on The Game. After climbing the ladder and producing for The Oregonian’s John Canzano, he hosted various sports talk shows and was …

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Ryan Magarian

Posted by FM News 101 KXL on June 19, 2015

Portland is no stranger when it comes anything in the beverage category, our vast array of breweries, wineries and distilleries are recognized nationally and internationally and have become an integral part of the Portland lifestyle and now you can keep pace of all the “happenings” in the beverage world with The Liquid Lifestyle, Saturday’s 3pm-4pm with host Ryan Magarian.

A Portland …

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Jeff Tracey

Posted by FM News 101 KXL on May 27, 2015

Known as “The Cowboy Cook”, Jeff Tracy has fond memories of sitting at the dinner table with his family. Changing this world, one recipe at a time Jeff intends to support urban suburban families that are looking for a way to connect at the dinner table. “Western Living is about bringing people together and building relationships that last” says Tracy. …

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Kurt Huffman

Posted by FM News 101 KXL on March 10, 2015

Kurt Huffman was raised in Multnomah Village and began his culinary trek at 15, washing dishes at Fat City Cafe. Like so many others, that job led to a line cook position, then a busboy position at a “fancier” restaurant, then a fry cook job at a fish house and…. Huffman continued to dabble in the industry until finishing graduate …

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