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Former U of O Student Imprisoned Wants the U.S. to FREE Him

Written by Rosemary Reynolds on September 1, 2014
Kenneth Bae

Photo Courtesy of CBS News

NORTH KOREA,   Kenneth Bae was allowed to be interviewed by a CNN News crew for less than five minutes.  He put out an emotional plea for the U.S. Government to send an envoy to help him get out of prison.  He is serving a 15 year sentence since the North Korean Supreme Court found him guilty of intending to overthrow the N.K. Government.


Bae spends most of his days going back and forth from the hospital and the labor camp where he works 8 hours a day.  He is the only person in that camp besides a guard and a doctor.  Kenneth Bae has not been able to sleep.  He’s dropped 15 pounds and has severe back pain.  Several other  detained Americans  were interviewed by CNN.  They all say they’ve been treated humanly .  Bae wants his family and friends to continue to pray for him.

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1 reply to “Former U of O Student Imprisoned Wants the U.S. to FREE Him

  1. George Petzelt

    Why do private citizens of other countries go to countries like Northern Korea…? Why do they take the chance? There’s such a high risk of being taking hostage and such a low chance of anyone being able to help them. It just doesn’t make sense to me….


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