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Backdraft Injures Two Firefighters in Oregon City

Written by Pat Boyle on August 27, 2014

Rosemary Reynolds contributed to this story

OREGON CITY, Ore. — Firefighters ran for their lives early Wednesday morning when a large backdraft shot glass and blew them out of a two-story building on Molalla Avenue that houses three businesses.  One of them was treated for burns.

“There were a lot of flames and black smoke and then the backdraft just blew out.  The firemen came stumbling out and they had to spray him down,” said one witness.

Someone passing by spotted smoke and crews found black smoke covering the road.

“We had a ‘May Day’ call by two firefighters due to a large backdraft in the rear of the building.  It came out a door and shot glass 18 feet out and threw our firefighters about 10 feet,” said Lieutenant Jed Wachlin of Clackamas Fire.

Firefighters taking a well-deserved break

Investigators were digging through debris and talking with witnesses to help find the cause.

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