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Thirsty Trees Fall Due to Dry Summer

Written by Rosemary Reynolds on August 22, 2014
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Portland, Oregon     A number of trees have been falling all over the city.  The reason is we’ve been dry a very long time and the trees are bone dry.  Arborist Damien Carre  with Oregon Tree Care says, “Signs trees are in distress include leaves that turn yellow.  If the leaves curl, and the bark peels that’s a good indicator there’s a problem.  Just like when you don’t drink enough water your muscles could tear more easily.”  tree 1

Another culprit could be tree root fungus.  A Black Locust Tree fell on a three land road during the morning commute a few weeks ago.  A city arborist said it toppled because it was lacking in water and had the fungus.   As Fall winds pick up it’s likely we will see more  trees hit the ground.  Arborists recommend walking around your home checking the landscape for tree problems now before Winter sets in.  That’s  when trees fall into homes and on cars most often. tree 2


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