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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Lars Larson vs. Steve Novick

Written by Jeremy Scott on August 21, 2014

PORTLAND — The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been making the rounds on social media the past few weeks, raising nearly $42M for the cause so far.

Portland City Commissioner Steve Novick challenged KXL talk show host Lars Larson.  The face-off went down Thursday morning outside the PacWest Center in downtown Portland.

“It was cold, but I loved doing it.  ALS is a terrible disease and we raised hundreds of dollars for the cause.  The intial shock is so cold,” Lars said after getting a bucket of ice cold water dumped on his head by KINK’s Sheila Hamilton.


Novick’s wife made sure Lars was wet, dumping a second bucket over him.

Then, Novick got his turn and two Lars listeners did the deed.

“This was fun.  It was great to be able to do this, to see people all over the country drawing attention to and raising money to fight this disease,” Novick said.


The two raised more than $700.  You can donate to the ALS Association here.

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