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Judge Dismisses Immigration Case for Driver that Killed Two Girls

Written by Rosemary Reynolds on August 19, 2014

PORTLAND —  Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros was released from ICE custody August 14, 2014. That’s According to the Public Affairs office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Tacoma.  Cisneros case has been dismissed by an Immigration judge.  No reasons for the decision have been shared at this point.

The eighteen-year-old ran over and killed two Forest Grove girls last October as they played in a pile of leaves in front of their home.  One died at the scene the other died in the hospital.  She left the scene of the accident knowing she ran something over but never went back to see what she hit.  Her boyfriend is doing time for covering up evidence in the case. In January Cisneros was sentenced to three years probation on two counts of felony hit and run. She  was immediately taken into custody by ICE and remained in Tacoma until last week.

“Today is like any other day without our girls.  Through our grief we have chosen to love and celebrate the joy that they have brought into our lives and the lives of so many others.  We don’t want Anna and Abigail’s lives to be remember by the tragedy but rather by the love story they are all teaching us to live,” said Susan Dieter Robinson.

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3 replies to “Judge Dismisses Immigration Case for Driver that Killed Two Girls

  1. Jeff Edwards

    Open borders? I wonder if that woman before the end of the first hour would like to accommodate several ‘illegal’ families who need a place to live? She could also provide medical insurance, food, clothing, personal items, transportation, . . . oh, the States and Federal Governments already do that !!! So, I guess she is right ?!? Sheesh . . .


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