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The Brew Barge

Written by Mike Turner on August 18, 2014

It’s just another form of quirky entertainment in Portland…combining two of the things the city is known for.   And it’s a can’t miss enterprise for a young entrepreneur .

“Start pedaling or you’ll have to walk the plank!” can be heard from the drive of the Brew Barge. No it’s not pirates. It’s beer and cycling.


“I started three years ago. I hated my job enough to do something different and thought Portland’s community would be the best collaboration of beer and biking. So I moved here and started the Brew Cycle”, says Andrea Lins.

Andrea Lins has had so much fun with the concept of peddling beer drinkers she took it to the water when she got a call from the builder of a unique boat.

“I thought I was done buying giant big things that dont make sense. I realized I just had to do it.”

So the Brew Barge was born. 10 beer drinkers pedaling a paddlewheel boat up and down the Willamette. Oh … there is a captain who is in complete control of power and steerage and he doesn’t drink and drive.

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