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Hands Up … Don’t Shoot!

Written by Mike Turner on August 14, 2014

So goes the chant during protests against excessive police force in Portland.

Hundreds attended the vigil at Pioneer Courthouse Square and along Martin Luther King Boulevard in front of the North Precinct.


The vigil was one of hundreds held in cities nationwide in the wake of four days of violent clashes between protesters and police in Ferguson, Missouri, where Michael Brown was shot and killed Saturday.

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2 replies to “Hands Up … Don’t Shoot!

  1. Larry Benoit

    Attn. Dana. Re: McDonald’s arrest.
    I saw the video live.
    The police did not enter and clear the McDonald’s.
    They went directly to the reporters who in the middle of filing their stories.
    The man at the counter waiting on an order was not asked to leave.


  2. Larry Benoit

    Attn Dana
    I just rewatched the McDonald’s arrest video.
    The McDonald’s was cleared.
    The reporter did immediately begin shutting down and unplugging his laptop.
    He should have moved guicker.
    He was going to be arrested anyway because all reporters in the area were being targeted as evidenced in other videos.
    Now he is an experienced reporter and will have a satisfying career with his enthusiasm.
    I’m so glad to hear a conservative talk show host that insists on facts.


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