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Bend North’s Dream of Little League World Series Ends

Written by Jeremy Scott on August 9, 2014
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SAN BERNADINO, California — Oregon’s all-stars from Bend North Little League could not get past their Pacific Northwest rivals from Washington on Saturday afternoon in the finals of the Northwest Regional, but things were closer than the meeting of a week before.

After falling to the team from Lynwood 10-2 in the first round of pool play, Oregon went on to win four straight games against Wyoming, Montana and Alaska, twice.  They outscored their opponents 30-2 in three games before holding on in a rematch with their neighbors to the far north to advance to the regional title game.

Head Coach Dan Ruhl said his number one goal was have fun, but he hoped to make some history too. Sadly, that will have to wait until next season.

Washington advances to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania taking on teams from the states and internationally starting Thursday.

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4 replies to “Bend North’s Dream of Little League World Series Ends

  1. Jeanne

    Where is BEND NORTH? the article and others refer to the team “from Bend North’ This title says “Bend All Stars”. We have a North Bend and Bend, Oregon.


  2. Watching Carefully

    The Bend North team is from Bend, Oregon, home to Bend South Little League and Bend North Little League

    Unfortunately, the Bend North coaches embarrassed our state by clearly cheating in the final game. They broke the minimum play requirement (every player must play in each game), purposefully as they frantically tried to rally in the 6th.

    Aaron Boone pointed it out as it was happening. What an absolute shame; they advance that far and then cheat on national TV because the coaches are about their egos more than doing right by the kids.

    Our hearts ache for the young man who was purposefully cheated in what could have been the biggest game of his baseball life.

    Bend North manager Dan Ruhl is a heartless, arrogant, insensitive CHEATER. He was caught red-handed cheating on ESPN by ESPN broadcasters. Enjoy that one on the DVR!

    I’d hate to be one of the teams that Bend North eliminated along the way. Not only would I be angry, I’d wonder if they cheated to get where they were.

    Cheaters suck!


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