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Providence Says First Oregonian to Receive an S-ICD Doing Great

Written by Brett Reckamp on August 8, 2014

27-year-old Nathan Strutt is doing fine after receiving a subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibrillator or S-ICD.  He is the first person ever in Oregon to get one.  Since then more than 20 patients have received theirs.

The S-ICD is a less intrusive, and upgraded defibrillator that is a much better alternative to a regular defibrillator for some people.  The FDA gave it’s approval to the device in 2012 and doctors at Providence Medical Center are thrilled about it’s potential.  Dr. Scott Brancato says the “leads” do not need to go straight into the heart which makes it safer long-term, although if a person requires a pace maker they cannot use an S-ICD.

Strutt actually suffered a heart-attack during a job interview at Intel about 6-moths ago.  The people there were able to revive him and get him to Providence where he eventually had the new device installed.  He got the job at Intel and now is living in Portland finishing up his PhD in engineering.  Strutt is participating in the Providence Bridge Pedal as a bit of a celebration.

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