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Cops And Cameras Bust Gas Theft Suspect

Written by Steve Leader on August 8, 2014
Gas theft suspect truck

Portland police believe the truck (pictured above) is the one Christopher Beard drove while stealing gasoline.  The tank, in the back, is where Beard, 39,  allegedly stored 300 gallons of fuel he bought with a stolen credit card.

Detectives believe Beard pulled at least 12 such thefts in the Portland area.  And that the value of the stolen gasoline is $25,000.


Police say they used surveillance video to help break the case, which led to Beard’s arrest.  Charges include 12 counts of fraudulent use of a credit card and 12 counts of first degree theft.

Portland Police Sergeant Pete Simpson says Beard presumably stole the fuel to resell on the black market or to provide it to other people not willing to go to gas stations.

Simpson says cases like this are relatively rare in the Portland-area.  He hopes publicity from this one will keep thieves looking over their shoulder.

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