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Missing Dundee Mom Found Dead

Written by Jeremy Scott on August 5, 2014

Christina Kemp and Mike Turner contributed to this report

DUNDEE, Ore. — The 38-year-old mother who was missing for nearly two weeks was found dead by her vehicle on a dirt road near Sheridan in Yamhill County on Tuesday morning.

A property owner discovered Jennifer Huston’s SUV in a grove of trees near Gopher Valley Road just off Highway 18 after noticing that a fence had been moved.  It’s about 25 miles from where she was last seen.

Captain Jeff Kosmicki says they were certain that it was Huston’s car because the property owner read the license plate number to the dispatcher.

Huston was last seen on the evening of July 24th when she left home to run errands.  Her husband says she was a little stressed out.  She used an ATM, fueled up and made a stop at a store.  Her cell phone stopped working shortly after.


Her family and searchers looked seemingly all over for Huston.  There was even talk that she may have left town.

Huston has two young sons and would’ve celebrated her ten-year wedding anniversary next week.

The Newberg/Dundee community is shocked, sad and heartbroken with the outcome.  One mother said she wonders how someone could do that to their family.

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24 replies to “Missing Dundee Mom Found Dead

  1. Linda

    Her husband is a “NARCIST”…big red flag in his statement, because who cares about HIM FEELING POSITIVE or that HE IS A REALIST???? He should be worrying about his in-laws and his children…..NOT KEEPING HIM POSITIVE!!! “I’m a realist so I’m preparing for the worst, but hoping and praying for the best,” Jennifer’s husband, Kallen Huston said. “I think just getting prayer from people and the support we’re getting we’re getting, which is overwhelming, has been huge to keep me positive.”


    1. Kelsey

      How dare you judge someone who is not only under a extreme amount of stress, but also under the eye of everyone who is following this story. You have no idea what kind of stress and fear this man is under! What scary future he has in front of him. He is now the single parent of two sons, and has the sad task of telling them what happened to their mom.

      I hope your karma is kind to you. Think about what you’re putting out there.


      1. Carol Trow

        Don’t judge others unless you can walk in their boots. Don’t make assumptions without having all the facts. Remember, this tragedy involves a family and we don’t have any information about the lives of those individuals. The details are thus: A mother and wife did not return home from her errands. Her body and vehicle were found on private property in Rural Yamhill County. Let’s just wait for more details. Remember, the ultimate judgement is not in our hands.


      2. dave green

        i hope thay fine who ever done this you cant point the finger at no one till you have the faxs and i ask all to think about that little girl thay found dead the kill in need to stop


  2. Linda

    Kallen also uses the phrasing “MY TWO BOYS REALLY, REALLY NEED HER.” Hmmm, wouldn’t a person usually say, “OUR TWO BOYS” ??? And “WE need her”…I think the words just aren’t coming out as a “family unit”…instead I hear and read, distancing of her importance in HIS LIFE. It just sounds odd…maybe he hasn’t slept much?? IDK


  3. Janessa

    I fear there will be more alarming info on this missing person case. The husband is now insinuating that she left and pleads for her to return. The mentioning of headaches in days prior are suspect. My husband would not have waited 3 hours rather over 12 hours to report me missing. It is also false that LE will not do anything before a certain hour. If it is highly unusual for a person is be unheard from police act very quickly. The husband knows more than he is saying. And what he is saying is typical of some sort of cover-up.


    1. Debbie

      Someone step in and protect those inocent children as I fear the worst. I smell a very jealous husband. I hope I’m so very very wrong and this was all just a matter of mis-communication.


    2. lynn

      most people interchange my and our when talking about their children and police don’t act in all areas. where I live my adult son was gone for 24 hours our attorney said not to bother calling pd because they wouldn’t do anything yet


  4. Lucretia

    I heard some guy’s theory on a radio show that it might be Meth because he said he used to be addicted to it and he would do the same thing. Go buy an drink and a snack and some sleeping pills because Meth users have trouble sleeping after they come down from the high. I don’t know – just some random guy’s theory but it kinda made sense. No matter how this happened, its a heart wrenching ending to her life. So sad….


  5. Theo

    You people are disgusting. There is no sign whatsoever that Kallen had anything to do with this. Let the family have some peace.


  6. Concerned Woman

    Oh come on Linda…why are you so self assured about what you’ve written…unless you’re a first hand narcissist yourself!…I mean takes one to know one!
    I love what Dr Phil always says about things…
    “No matter how flat a pancake, there’s always 2 sides!”
    I’m hoping that she didn’t take her own life because
    suicide is the most narcissistic and selfish act one can do…
    and when you have children and family who love you, makes it even more wrong.
    But lets not jump to conclusions here….when all the facts are in and the truth comes forward, THEN is when YOU and others will have more “room” to bandstand and soapbox about how YOU feel about the husband or anyone else for that matter.
    so hang onto your shonies….wait and see what the truth reveals.
    Being a narcissist, does NOT make one a murderer!
    and what if SHE wasn’t such a nice person as YOU wish to believe she is?
    Remember….whenever you’re pointing a finger at someone…look at your own hand because when you do, you’ll see 3 fingers pointing back at yourself!


  7. Sara

    The husband is always the first suspect chances are it was someone that knew her and was stalking her and it could’ve been a family friend or neighbor I’ve seen this happen plenty of times why would her husband kill her after 10 years and 2 kids it’s just sad all the way around


  8. Ed Clements

    why does everyone want to convict the husband so quickly? Big deal he miss spoke a little but that does not mean he did something to her. People get over yourselves and quit convicting him in the court of the media. Let all the evidence be shown before we try him.


  9. @Truth

    I think we should all stop jumping opinions based on nothing but speculation and let the authorities handle it. It will save a lot of heartache to the family if you are wrong, and a lot of unnecessary hard feelings if you are right.


  10. Phenortner

    Linda, you should be ashamed of yourself. The implications you implied before the facts are in, are horrible.
    I understand it’s your opinion, but nobody asked you for it!
    You have/had no facts, just edited clips on the local (I’m assuming local) news feed.
    In a case like this the investigators release info on a NEED TO KNOW basis. And quite frankly you don’t need to know! So…


  11. Renee

    It is easy to pick it all apart when we are on the outside looking in. We do not know just what we would do until we are in those shoes. May god bless that family with peace and understanding and comfort their grief!!!


  12. Lucretia

    I heard some guy’s theory on a radio show that it might be Meth because he said he used to be addicted to it and he would do the same thing. Go buy an drink and a snack and some sleeping pills because Meth users have trouble sleeping after they come down from the high. I don’t know – just some random guy’s theory but it kinda made sense. No matter how this happened, its a heart wrenching ending to her life. So sad….


  13. Shanna

    I understand the public doesn’t really NEED to know but honestly, they want to. Many people followed this story from the beginning, hoping and praying she’d be found safe and I don’t know…couldn’t they just say what the cause of death was (without the gruesome details, of course) so we can quit speculating and wondering? Would it be too inappropriate? . I guess I really don’t know.


  14. J.M.

    You people who posted terrible judgmental statements should be ashamed, how dare you. This man just lost the mother of his children, his wife, give the man a Frickin break. As far as if she took her own life, that is very sad, terrible tragedy for those little ones but who are you people to judge?, you have no idea how tough things could have been for her. How do you know it wasn’t a selfless act instead of selfish as some of you stated. How do you know she wasn’t with some horrible disease that was going to take her anyway, maybe she was sparing her kids that, maybe she thought her kids getting her SSI death benefit was going to help them financially, you just never know what people are thinking. SO SHUT THE PUFF UP!!#!!


  15. Jessica

    I’m kind of disappointed with the amount of people insisting that suicide is “selfish”. You all obviously have no concept of what its like having a mental health problem.

    This situation is very sad. Most of you need to be a little objective when sharing your thoughts instead of being so black and white.

    How would ya’ll feel if you lost a loved one and then read all the nasty accusations people were making about you?

    Stop being so crass and say something constructive.


    1. J.M.

      Amen, Jessica. That is exactly what I was trying to point out in my post, though I feel you said it bettet. Who the hell are you people to judge her as selfish?. God rest her soul and bless the children.


  16. nona

    May god watch over this family…..what a sad tragic thing to happen. Pray for strength to these individuals hurting for their loved one.


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