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Heroin Bust in Tigard

Written by Pat Boyle on July 24, 2014
drug house

Rosemary Reynolds contributed to this story

TIGARD, Oregon — Two people have been arrested and fourteen others detained after a big heroin bust at a home on Southwest Gentlewoods Drive.

The Washington County Sheriff’s office and Drug Enforcement Agency responded after getting complaints from neighbors.¬† Those arrested and detained range in age from the teens to 83.


One man who moved into the neighborhood a month ago says he felt something was wrong when he saw strange people standing in the front of the house.

A pair of 26-year-old’s were arrested, Micky Harvey and Alexander Leake. ¬†Officers did not find any drugs, but they did find hundreds of syringes in almost every room of the house.

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5 replies to “Heroin Bust in Tigard

  1. Concerned citizen

    It’s about time! The mother and grandmother have allowed this for years!!!!!!!!!! They should be arrested and not just detained. There were drug deals constantly on this street.


    1. Drug advocist

      So who cares. It’s just drugs. Not murderers. You are so lame. They are gonna get booked and released just like every other heroin addict in this city. Wow big bust tigard police you guys deserve a round of applause. NOT!!! Fucking lame cops. Didn’t do shit to the heroin trade in portland. Didn’t even cause a dent. And as far as the concerned citizen. How do you know the mom and grandma let this go down? You must have hung out there. Nice try douche.


  2. Pam

    I do know for a fact that the mother and grandmother have allowed this for years long before they even moved to Gentlewoods. I know of several kids who liked to hang out there…one being my own! As for who cares…I do along with a great many other people especially those who have lost a loved one to a heroin overdose! It is a parents job to provide the best environment for their children and not enable them to do drugs!!!


  3. citizen

    Yes, it is just drugs but I wouldn’t be calling someone lame because they are happy about the bust. You don’t know the situation going on at that house so I think you are the douche and lame one for even leaving a comment. Old people are very easily taken advantage of by family members. I hope that because of this event, grandma can get help getting out of this situation. I know this family not because I hang out there, but because I am friends with a grandchild of the grandma at that house. That grandchild doesn’t even go to grandma’s house because of the way cousins talk to and treat grandma. Poor lady is forced to deal with these people in her house. I am glad this bust happened.


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