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Oregon Voters to Decide GMO Label Issue

Written by Brett Reckamp on July 23, 2014

Oregon GMO Right to Know gathered over 155,000 signatures in 6 weeks to get their initiative on the November ballot.  It would require manufacturers, distributors and retailers to put labels on foods made with genetically modified organisms.  Raw foods would require a sign.  Sandeep Kauschic says it’s all about giving Oregonians a choice.

Meantime, Scott Dahlman with Oregonians for Food and Shelter calls it a bad idea.  He says it would cost every Oregon family an extra $400 to $800 per month.  Dahlman says it should not be done at the state level and that it would be hard to track.

In 2002 a similar initiative failed in Oregon.  Washington voters also turned one down last year.

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