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Wildfires Grow Washington Recording the Largest Blaze in State History

Written by Rosemary Reynolds on July 22, 2014
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Portland, Oregon  The Carlton Complex fire is is the largest in Washington state history.  Think of it as four times bigger than the city of Seattle.  One person has died, one hundred fifty homes destroyed.  This morning, the fire burning Northeast of Central Washington is only 20 percent contained. Thousands have been evacuated with so many homes abandoned looting has become a problem. A cooler weather system moving in today may help fire crews.

Columbia helicopters of Aurora, Oregon has contracted with the U.S. Forest Service to fly five choppers into the fire ravaged areas in Oregon, Washington, and California .  Four Columbia Vertol 107-11 helicopters have a lifting capacity of approximately 10,000 pounds.  These aircraft are equipped with a 1,300 gallon SEI Torrentula Bambi Bucket with a Powerfill system.  Pilots can use the system to drop water or retardant on the fire.  Strung 200 feet below the helicopter, these buckets can draw from tree-lined streams and ponds with sources as shallow as 18 inches.  The Columbia Model 234 Chinook carries a 2,650 gallon SEI Torrentula Bambi Bucket, which is also equipped with the Powerfull system.

The largest fire burning in Oregon , the Buzzard Complex 45 miles Northeast of Burns reached almost 396,000 acres Monday, that’s almost four times the size of Portland.  The Pine Creek Complex fire near  john Day has reached 129,000 acres.  it’s only 15 percent contained.  The Waterman Complex Fire in the Ochooco National Forest has grown to 12,000 acres.  It’s 60 percent contained.  The  Bridge 99 complex fire near Prinville is only 25 percent contained.  The Shaniko Butte Fire on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation is about 50 percent contained. The Sunflower Fire in the Umatilla National Forest is now 40 percent contained

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